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History Shows The Paris Climate Change Talks Will Fail. Here’s Why.

Air Pollution

The 21st global conference to address climate change is happening in Paris, but the negotiations have not changed much in the past. Image Source: Wikipedia

The Paris climate change talks – better known as the 21st United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – are taking place until mid-December, and world leaders are looking to finally pass a meaningful agreement to stem greenhouse gases and slow global warming.

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Your World This Week: Nov. 29 – Dec. 5

This week in health: Coffee-drinkers may live longer, brain researchers unlock the scientific secret to happiness, utant mosquitoes will help eradicate malaria, AIDS could be conquered within 15 years.

Malaria Mosquito

Image Source: Flickr

The New Mutant Mosquito That Could Eradicate Malaria Forever

Malaria is such a persistent blight to mankind that Nobel-prize winning scientist Baruch S. Blumberg went as far as to suggest that it may be responsible for half of all the human deaths that have ever happened. With no reliable cure or vaccination, a radical new direction was needed, and that’s exactly what’s being suggested by researchers from the University of California.

Rather than working on a cure for humans, they have instead suggested fixing the problem at the source: The mosquitos that carry the disease. By genetically manipulating the bugs, they have created a mutant strain whose genes are not only resistant to malaria, but also able to ensure any descendants would inherit the same trait. Thanks to the critters’ short life cycle, it’s thought that this could wipe out the disease in a matter of months.

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Photo Of The Day: Meet Enos, The First Chimp To Orbit Earth

Enos Space Chimp

Enos, the first chimpanzee to orbit the Earth, strapped into his flight seat. Image Source: Enos NASA Chimp – Pics about space

In the 1960s, space was the ultimate frontier. No quest was more honorable than exploring that vast expanse of stars, orbiting the planet or rocketing through the dangers of the unknown to plant a celebratory flag on Earth’s biggest satellite. But it was a chimp, not a human, who first braved a trip to space and back in an American vessel.

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