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Your World This Week, Feb. 7 – 13

This week in health and politics: horrifying new report on female genital mutilation, Facebook pushes back against medical marijuana, the “science” of resting bitch face and how text messages might just save your life.

Female Genital Mutilation Affects 200 Million Worldwide, According To New U.N. Report

Female Genital Mutilation Map

A UNICEF map showing the rate of female genital mutilation in African countries as of 2013. Image Source: File:2013 Female Genital Mutilation Cutting FGM World Map UNICEF.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

According to a new UNICEF report, released just in time for yesterday’s Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, at least 200 million women and girls in 30 different countries have faced this horrific practice.

While the exact number of victims remains unknown, this new UNICEF estimate is, sadly, about 70 million higher than previous ones. Furthermore, this new report explains that in most countries, the majority of the victims were younger than five at the time of their mutilation.

“We start at three months,” Josephine Akissi Coulibaly, a former excisionist in Cote D’Ivoire, told CNN. “They are small and we do it. Sometimes they’re 18 years old. Sometimes they are mothers even. Often they bleed.”

Both the age and rate of mutilation vary across all the countries involved, with Somalia, Guinea, and Djibouti having the highest rate of mutilation, and Indonesia, Egypt, and Ethiopia having the highest raw number of victims.

For more, visit CNN.

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Video Of The Day: The Very First Super Bowl Halftime Show

Last year’s Super Bowl made history as the most watched television event of all time. Nearly 120 million people tuned in for the part of the event that had nothing to do with football: the halftime show.

Perhaps the entertainment event of the year, this grand spectacle is so compelling and important that, in 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that the NFL was asking the world’s top entertainers to pay them for the right to play the show. But as the above video of the very first Super Bowl halftime show (from 1967) reveals, things used to be much, much different.

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22 Inspirational Bob Marley Quotes To Celebrate The Reggae King’s Birthday

February 6th marks what would have been the 71st birthday of the most famous reggae musician of all time, Bob Marley. Nearly 35 years after his death, he remains an inspiration to millions worldwide. His philosophy of peace and love too often goes unheeded, which is why we wish to commemorate his life today with these insightful Bob Marley quotes:

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Bob Marley Quotes

Image Source: Paul Weinberg

Bob Marley Quotes Background

Image Source: Flickr

Bob Marley Quotes Mic

Image Source: Flickr

Bob Marley Quotes Tears

Image Source: Wikipedia

Bob Marley Quotes Dandy Lion

Image Source: DeviantArt/Mike McNary

Bob Marley Quotes Graffiti

Image Source: Wikimedia

Bob Marley Quotes Laughing

Image Source: Pixabay

Bob Marley Quotes Lion

Image Source: DeviantArt/Mike McNary

Bob Marley Quotes Mexico

Image Source: Wikimedia

Bob Marley Quotes Mural

Image Source: Wikimedia

Bob Marley Quotes One Love

Image Source: DeviantArt

Bob Marley Quotes Pencil

Image Source: DeviantArt

Bob Marley Quotes Performing

Image Source: Flickr

Bob Marley Quotes Pointing

Image Source: Wikimedia

Bob Marley   Tribute

Image Source: DeviantArt

Bob Marley Quotes Shot

Image Source: Flickr/Steve Bennett

Bob Marley Quotes Spray Paint

Image Source: DeviantArt

Bob Marley Quotes Statue

Image Source: Flickr

Bob Marley Quotes Sunset

Image Source: Pixabay

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Video Of The Day: Watch An Eagle Take Out A Drone

You might not own any of the 181,000 registered drones in America, but you probably know what they’re capable of. Whether it’s something as innocuous as taking stunning aerial photos of cities, or something as morally questionable as vague military airstrikes, drones have now become a staple of everyday conversation.

The only problem is that people haven’t quite figured out how to appropriately deal with unwanted drones flying overhead. From signal jammers, to sending interceptor drones to do battle with the rogue drones, to city government approved drone-shooting licenses, all of the current methods of controlling drones have been too complex without providing a feasible solution. But sometimes, mother nature provides the best and simplest answer: In this case, eagles.

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