What We Love This Week, Volume XCIII

Photographer Layers Dozens Of Images To Create Stunning NYC Composites

You can say a lot about New York, but not that it lacks a constant stream of visual stimuli. Aware of this, Taiwanese artist Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao packed his bags and headed to the city to study photography. Years later In a visual tribute to the ceaseless inspiration that New York City sights offer to visitors and residents alike, Liao compressed and layered dozens of photos of New York’s iconic landmarks into a series of gorgeous photos. Be sure to see more at Source: The Roosevelts.

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Mexico’s Disappeared: Uncovering The Secrets Of Mexico’s New Dirty War

Mexico Disappeared Mural

The Spanish messages on this mural read from the left “Those who die for life, cannot be called dead,” “I do not fear state repression, I fear the silence of the people,” and “Justice.” Source: ABC News

With its white sand beaches, bronzed dancers and succulent agave, the Mexico of travel advertisements is hardly the Mexico that a number of its citizens experience daily amid the country’s new dirty war. Across Mexico, thousands of people have gone missing with families left seeking answers and bodies.

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Snowboarders Tear Through The Japanese Mountainside

Watch as these snowboarders test out their new equipment on the peaks of Japan’s Hokkaido mountains.

North Brother Island Is New York’s Best Kept Secret

Christopher Payne North Brother Island

Source: Smithsonian

As with many forgotten places, few people—even New York locals—know that North Brother Island exists. While the island was once home to the famed Typhoid Mary, it has since been overtaken by Mother Nature’s gentle yet unyielding hand. A dot on the East River that’s nestled between Bronx and Rikers Island, North Brother Island is now like the world’s other abandoned locales: overrun with lush trees, ivy and tall grasses, a mere shadow of its former self.

New York From Brother Islands

Source: Smithsonian

Abandoned Island New York City

Source: Slate

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