10 Game Glitches That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Video games are really just long strings of binary code that provide incredible amounts of entertainment, intentional or not. They are painstakingly programmed so that everything goes according to plan, but that doesn’t always work. When a minor error occurs that causes the game to behave in a way it’s not supposed to, you get a glitch…sometimes with hilarious consequences. Here are 10 examples.

Bioshock Masturbation Glitch

Tomb Raider Faceless Glitch

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10 Bullets: Rules For Your Creative Space

The following video is entitled “10 Bullets”, and following its instructions will change your life as a creative thinker for good. Not just a set of instructions for keeping his studio, Tom Sachs created this video to show interns the way he insists things must be done.

For Sachs, “creativity is the enemy”– one must always be working, first and foremost, to the “code”. Watching this video is a toolkit of best practices for creative types, and includes tips for motivation, organization, and avoiding carelessness. Remember– “Always Be Knolling”!

A Startling Glimpse Into The US–Indian Assimilation Policy

What happens when years of working to eradicate of a group of people is unsuccessful? You assimilate them forcibly, which is what happened to Native Americans between 1790 and 1920. The U.S. government’s assimilation policies attempted to “Americanize” natives through control of their schooling, religion and customs, with a focus on immersion in Euro-American tradition. These policies caused cultural distress and also violated the Constitution.

US Indian Assimilation Policy POW

Source: Wikimedia

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Bruno Walpoth, A Real-Life Geppetto

Italian sculptor and artist Bruno Walpoth has a knack for wood against which few can compete. His flawlessly carved creations of the human form are as realistic as they are striking—so much so that from a distance, it is nearly impossible to tell that his figures are not living, breathing beings. Like the tales of Pinocchio and his creator Geppetto, Walpoth’s sculptures certainly seem like they could spring to life at any moment and slip into our world.

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