Don’t Blame Millennials For Selfies; Blame 18th Century Monarchs

Selfie History Ducreux

Source: Wikimedia

Portraiture saw its artistic heyday in the 18th century, when royalty enlisted the world’s greatest artists to convey their monarchial power and immortalize themselves on canvas. Nowadays, self-portraiture and its associated egoism aren’t just for the wealthy; they’re owned by the people. With advances in technology and changes in social norms, the common man grasps at immortality using the self-portrait or selfie—this time not shared through the royal courts but social media.

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Why Can You See Your Breath When It’s Cold Out?

It’s winter. It’s cold. You’re miserable. Since you’re likely spending more time indoors, why not learn a little bit more about how wintry conditions make it so you can see your breath–and happiness–exiting your body?

The World’s 10 Greenest Cities

While many in the world are still throwing their soda cans out of the car window, the Scandinavians are leading the green movement globally. According to a Green Global Economy Index report published in 2014, four of the top ten greenest cities are located in Scandinavia.

Cities were judged by their leadership on climate change, transportation, green investments and environmental capital. Part of the in-depth inspection of 60 countries and 70 cities includes analysis of how these nations and cities are developing more environmentally-friendly economies. The goal, of course, is to provide cities, countries, leaders and investors with information on how their green efforts stack up in relation to others, and what they might do to improve upon existing policies and planning.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Inside The Life Of A Pirate Bay Cofounder

Shaggy Pirate Bay Cofounder

You’re viewing the site that eventually gave birth to million-dollar lawsuits and international conversations about the price we put on art, expression and its exchange. Launched in Sweden in 2003, Pirate Bay was a source of millions of music, movies, software and more–all available for free. Years later, its founders would be found guilty of copyright infringement and brought to their knees following a Swedish police raid in December 2014. The foil you’re looking at? It’s part of the TEMPEST protocol to keep EM electromagnetic signals to leave the room, which would prevent others from spying on their operation. As the historical record shows, Shaggy’s (featured above) fears were warranted.

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