Photos Of Life Inside A Modern-Day Commune

off the grid camp

The type of housing at Runnymede varies greatly.

Take a wrong turn on Twitter, and the idea of parting ways with modern technology for good becomes all the more appealing. While living off the grid is a passing thought for many, it’s actually a reality for some living just outside of London, England.

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Better Know A Saint: Cyril Of Alexandria

Saint Cyril Lead

Source: Wikimedia

Saint Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria between 414 and 444, was a leg breaker for Jesus. During his career, he outmaneuvered and ruined pagan philosophers, Roman politicians, and rival Christians in his quest for ideological purity and ever-greater power within the early Church. That he was eventually canonized for his characteristic single-minded brutality speaks volumes about the spirit of his age.

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Artist Makes A “Flower House” To Breathe New Life Into Detroit

Preview of Flower Installation Project

Source: Flipboard

Images of Detroit’s abandoned homes and buildings convey a sad, quiet beauty that hints at the city’s forgotten abundance. Yet floral designer Lisa Waud is giving one condemned building a second chance at life. As her recent trial run of Flower House shows, abandoned structures are the perfect backdrop for fresh flora. Offering a scene evocative of a darkly romantic fairytale, the project’s preview confirms that Flower House will surely be this year’s floral highlight.

Chair Upholstered with Flowers

Source: Vyette

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