Lyndon B. Johnson’s Amphibious Car

Amphibious Car

Before the Vietnam War would pin the death-nail on his presidential legacy, LBJ managed to have quite a sense of humor. Seen here is LBJ’s amphibious car, which he would use at his Texas ranch to play pranks on guests. One stand out prank was taking his guests out for a spin, pretend to lose control of the vehicle as they approached the lake, and shout “The brakes don’t work! We’re going in! We’re going under!” The car would then enter the water where, as guests were trying to prevent their heart from popping out of their chests, Johnson would laugh.
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Stunt Doubles And Their Famous Counterparts

Stunt Doubles Space Balls

The shot that introduced a certain age group to the very existence of stunt doubles. Source: Tumblr

With the film industry depending more and more on high-impact visual effects to get people into theaters, stunt doubles to A-list stars have tighter schedules than ever. Technology evolves by the minute, rendering the days of light sabers and animatronic dinosaurs relatively dull when compared to the potential of what awaits us in films of the future.


Even our beloved Guardians need help saving the world. Source: Screen Burn

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This Illuminated Bike Path Was Inspired by Van Gogh

There’s nothing quite like a midnight stroll down the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path, a recently unveiled illuminated bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands that has taken the world by storm. Inspired by painter Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting Starry Night, the bicycle path is covered with glowing blue and green lights that swirl and twist to mimic the artwork. This kilometer-long bicycle path is the latest innovation from Studio Roosegaard, a design firm that’s known for its interactive and socially responsible designs.

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The Mods: Sex, Feminism, and Appropriation In Post-War Britain

Twiggy, The Iconic Female Mod.

Twiggy, The Iconic Female Mod. Source: Bert Stern

Appropriation has become a media buzzword as of late, but regardless of your opinions on the matter, it has always been an indicator of upward social change. Today in America, people of different races and orientations are constantly participating with and engaging in each other’s culture, whether in genre-defying music, racially provocative comedy or cross-cultural dress. Continue Reading

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