One Morning In Italy

Ever look at those bizarre photos of people posing next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and wonder what they might be thinking? With the help of this video, you now know.

6 Future Homes For The Human Race

Future Homes Space Colony

Source: Andromeda

You are doomed. One of the more disheartening findings of modern science is that the Earth is ultimately going to be rendered uninhabitable. The Sun has been increasing in luminosity throughout its history and if the trend continues for another billion years Earth will no longer be able to support liquid water. A few billion years after that, the Sun will finally expand and expose the Earth to friction from the solar atmosphere.

This will gradually rob the Earth-Moon system of its momentum and send it spiraling down into oblivion. The only bright spot is that literally everyone and everything you’ve ever known will have died long before any of this happens, since the average mammal species goes extinct after about 2 million years, so cheer up.

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The Soviet Union Struts Its Stuff At The 1980 Summer Olympics

1980 Moscow Olympics Opening Ceremony

The first games to be staged in Eastern Europe, the 1980 Summer Olympics were not without their own controversy. Moscow beat out Los Angeles as the host city, with 65 countries subsequently boycotting the games due to the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Four years later, the Soviet Union decided to do its boycotting part and nixed its own entry at the 1984 Summer Olympics held in…L.A..

5 Lethal Diseases You Would Totally Mistake For The Flu

Flu season is here, and half the fun of getting sick is calling out from work and imagining how sad everybody would be at your funeral if you died. The fun stops, however, when those “flu-like symptoms” turn out to be just that—flu-like, rather than influenza itself. You see, it isn’t really the virus that’s causing all of the symptoms of “the flu,” but your own immune system going bananas in an effort to kill it. Unfortunately, your immune system goes bananas in almost the same way regardless of what’s trying to kill you, so quite a few life-threatening illnesses can easily pass through an acute phase (when they might still be treatable) and be written off as a touch of the flu.

So, this flu season, in a continuing effort to turn you into a paranoid basket case who’s afraid to go outdoors, here are five diseases that feel just like the flu, but that will totally kill you if you ignore them.

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