The Stories Behind History’s Best Hoaxes

For as long as humans have been around, we have enjoyed playing tricks on one another. Deception has always been a powerful tool, whether it was done for revenge, profit, politics or just for fun. Of course, most tricks and hoaxes are nothing to write home about. Even so, every now and then, something memorable comes along.

Berners Street Hoax

If you ever look up famous pranksters, the name Theodore Hook is bound to come up. Hook was an 18th century writer and composer but, nowadays, he is more widely renowned for perpetrating the infamous Berners Street hoax of 1810.

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This Is How Picasso Would Serve Thanksgiving Dinner

Hannah Rothstein is a Jill of all trades—she writes, sculpts, makes jewelry and paints. For her latest project, Rothstein chose to create 10 variations of the same Thanksgiving dinner, each based on the style and work of a specific artist. The artists she chose to feature represent all corners of art, from contemporary artists like Cindy Sherman to abstract artists like Pablo Picasso (above). Since the project is centered around food and Thanksgiving, Rothstein will be donating all print proceeds to her local food bank. Here are the ten Thanksgiving food art arrangements, paired with real artwork from the artist.

Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol

Source: Doberman Art

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What Does Sound “Look” Like?

When we think of musical form, most of us stop and start at sheet music, clefs and notes. But what about what physical vibrations? That’s where cymatics–or the study of visible sound co-vibration–comes in. Varying rhythms and pitches help create unique works of “art”. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

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