The Birth Of A Mosquito

We hate these stupid, menacing parasites. They are awful and useless– so much so that scientists have announced that we could completely eradicate the mosquito without any ecological consequences.

If 600,000+ deaths from malaria in 2012 alone aren’t enough to motivate the international community to rid the world of these pests, then it is likely they’ll be around for a while. Here is a video of one of the nasty suckers being born, which, as it turns out, is quite beautiful to watch. Now kill it.

How about some more images of gross, terrifying bugs?

Project Isabela: When Slaughtering 250,000 Goats Meant Saving A Species

Project Isabela Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands Source: Flickr

Charles Darwin called the Galapagos Islands “a little world within itself.” It’s hard to imagine what his life and work would have looked like without this Pacific Island archipelago, and it’s just as challenging to think of the island chain without the giant tortoises which give the islands their name. For a time, though, those tortoises were at risk of disappearing. To save them, Galapagos enthusiasts began to think about conservation in new, lethal and not-so natural terms.

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Adrift: Mist Over San Francisco

This hauntingly beautiful short film depicts the fog and mist that hang over San Francisco. Shot during the photographer’s morning hikes over the course of two years, Adrift manages to capture the undulating, blissful motion of the clouds of mist over The City By The Bay. For best results, view this video on a sunny morning in a meditative posture.

For more things eerie and beautiful, look no further than our post on abandoned Iceland.

What We Love This Week, Volume CXI

World Photography Ukraine

Anti-government protestors in Kiev, Ukraine. Source: World Photo

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

World Photography Bug

A fly on water. Source: World Photo

Hopefully the judges of this year’s Sony World Photography Awards didn’t have any major plans for the month of February (or the foreseeable future); they have over 173,000 photos to review. People from 171 countries submitted their shots to the World Photography Organisation, with subjects ranging from political protest to mountain peaks to West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. WPO has been kind enough to release its short list of potential winners, which you can view here.

World Photography Chicken

A man bathes his fighting bird. Source: World Photo

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