More Siberian Craters Might Spell Trouble For Arctic Regions

November Crater

Source: Earth Sky

After the discovery of several mysterious craters in Siberia aroused a slew of public safety fears this past March, Moscow scientist Vasily Bogoyavlensky of the Oil and Gas Research Institute called for an “urgent” investigation into the craters’ origins. This decision came on the heels of a giant hole that formed in the Siberian permafrost last summer. Since then, researchers have discovered an astonishing seven craters in the region.

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A Slice Of South African Heaven

Gods Window South Africa

They call it God’s Window for a reason: tucked along the Panorama Route in the eastern Mpumalanga province, God’s Window provides sublime views of the Lowveld, Kruger National Park and the Lebombo Mountains.

This Is What The World’s Greenest City Looks Like

A place that embraces efficient public transportation, accessible green space and harnesses the power of nature isn’t a utopian fantasy; it’s the capital of Denmark. Recently, the Global Green Economy Index gave Copenhagen the title of “greenest city in the world” with a perfect score of 100 in terms of perception and performance. In the assessment, Global Green Economy authorities wrote that “Denmark relentlessly communicates its commitment to green growth through a variety of strategies and tactics.”

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Our Interview With Jason Lewis, Explorer And Author Of The Expedition Trilogy

Jason Lewis Boat

Jason aboard Moksha on the River Thames, London. (Thames Flood Barrier in the background) Source: Kenny Brown/Expedition 360

In a world where everything seems to have been done already, Jason Lewis has pulled off something entirely unique: circumnavigating the globe using only human power. No planes, motors or metal–just mental and physical endurance, along with the help of total strangers.

Since his 13-year, 45,000-mile journey, Lewis has written a series of award-winning books documenting his travels, with the latest installment slated for release in May. Perhaps more importantly, though, he’s returned with a renewed perspective on the environment, humankind’s interaction with it and the importance of living within Earth’s biophysical limits. I recently sat down with Lewis to discuss his trip and what he’s learned.

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