Rio Olympics Athletes’ Village “Uninhabitable”

Rio 2016 Olympic Village Tour

Buda Mendes/Getty ImagesA bedroom of one of the units within the Olympic and Paralympic Village for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

With so many problems facing the Rio Olympics before it’s even begun, a good question may not be “what’s gone wrong” with the quadrennial event but what’s gone right. And Olympian housing apparently isn’t one of them.

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The Most Disgusting Parasites That Can Infect Your Body

We shudder to think about what parasites can do to the human body — and these six grotesque, fascinating creatures explain why.

Parasites In Humans

Katja Schulz/FlickrBotfly

The thought of parasites in humans quickly lends itself to nightmares — except worse because for some, it’s not a mere thought but an actual reality. Here’s everything you need to know about the most terrifying parasites of them all:

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Why Pre-Industrial Life Was Anything But Paradise

The modern world comes with its share of drawbacks, but at least we have dentists.

Gross History Peasants

Wikimedia Commons

Modern life is hectic and demanding. We all seem to be short on time and stuck with more work than we know how to handle — so much so that from time to time, we might wish we could have lived in a simpler, less stressful age.

Back before the days of industrialization, some may think, the world was a more relaxed and open space with fresh air, predictable work patterns, and simple ways of doing things. While in some ways that may be so, this bucolic view of history overlooks one thing: The past was filthy.

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