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Video Of The Day: The Very First Super Bowl Halftime Show

Last year’s Super Bowl made history as the most watched television event of all time. Nearly 120 million people tuned in for the part of the event that had nothing to do with football: the halftime show.

Perhaps the entertainment event of the year, this grand spectacle is so compelling and important that, in 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that the NFL was asking the world’s top entertainers to pay them for the right to play the show. But as the above video of the very first Super Bowl halftime show (from 1967) reveals, things used to be much, much different.

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Video Of The Day: Watch An Eagle Take Out A Drone

You might not own any of the 181,000 registered drones in America, but you probably know what they’re capable of. Whether it’s something as innocuous as taking stunning aerial photos of cities, or something as morally questionable as vague military airstrikes, drones have now become a staple of everyday conversation.

The only problem is that people haven’t quite figured out how to appropriately deal with unwanted drones flying overhead. From signal jammers, to sending interceptor drones to do battle with the rogue drones, to city government approved drone-shooting licenses, all of the current methods of controlling drones have been too complex without providing a feasible solution. But sometimes, mother nature provides the best and simplest answer: In this case, eagles.

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Shocking Labor Practices That Were Legal In Charles Dickens’ Age

Charles Dickens devoted much of his life to writing about the struggles of the working class. On the eve of his birthday, we look back on the historically awful conditions that may have inspired him to write in the first place.

Charles Dickens Writing Desk

A portrait of of Charles Dickens at his writing desk in 1858. Source: Wikimedia

Nearly 204 years ago, Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England. Dickens would go on to write an array of now-classics such as Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities, but Dickens’ life, like that of so many of his characters, did not have an easy beginning. Continue Reading

Why Aren’t We Still Making A Big Deal About Boko Haram?

Boko Haram Attack

Survivors of two car bomb attacks in Nigeria attend to the wreckage. Attacks like these have become commonplace since the rise of the Boko Haram terrorist group. Image Source: Flickr

Earlier this week, Boko Haram, the deadliest terrorist group in the world, attacked and firebombed several villages in Nigeria. The attack killed at least 86 people, adding to the more than 15,000 people the terror group has killed since 2002. Yet politicians, the media, and the public at large, seem to be overwhelmingly muted in both their compassion and outrage — especially when compared to, say, the Paris attacks carried out by ISIS in November.

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