Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lemurs

Like humans, lemurs tend to avoid risk. In a study performed by scientists at Duke University, a group of lemurs were given a choice between two images. If the lemur chose the first picture, he/she would either get several sugar cubes, or none. By choosing the other picture he/she was guaranteed one sugar cube every time. Lemurs, repeatedly and overwhelmingly, chose the picture that corresponded with one sugar cube. Concrete Online

Like humans, lemurs tend to avoid risk. In a study, lemurs could pick one of two pictures. If the lemur chose the first picture, he/she would either get several sugar cubes, or none. By choosing the other picture he/she was guaranteed one sugar cube every time. Lemurs, repeatedly and overwhelmingly, chose the picture that corresponded with one sugar cube. Concrete Online

Lemurs are small prosimians, or primitive primates, best known for their huge, adorable-bordering-on-creepy eyes. They’re native only to the island of Madagascar and the neighboring Comoro Islands, and the word “lemur” comes from lemures, a Latin word that means “spirits of the night.” While lemurs are related to modern primates, they more closely resemble an older ancestor of primates which existed tens of millions of years ago.

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5 Fascinating Autumn Celebrations Around The World

Summer has been over for quite some time now. The leaves have changed, the temperature has dropped, and now we warily prepare for a season of coughs, chills and bony, barren trees. Even though winter draws nearer with each passing moment, we still look forward to celebrations associated with Autumn, particularly Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Other countries have equally fun, bizarre and exciting celebrations that kick off in the Fall—be it dressing in costume or even setting things on fire, We bring you a handful of the most interesting of them all.

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Autumn Celebrations Bonfire Bridge

Originating from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, Bonfire Night is also known as Guy Fawkes Night and is celebrated in Great Britain. The Gunpowder Plot was a failed assassination attempt of James I by a cadre of provincial English Catholics, including Guy Fawkes. When James I survived, people lit bonfires in celebration. Source: Blogspot

Bonfire Day VIkings

Parliament deemed November 5th Bonfire Night, a time for thanksgiving. In the 1600s, it was unfortunately used as a platform for harassing Catholics and during the 1800s gave cause to class-based riots. Over the years, however, the focus changed and the holiday shed some of its more violent nature and developed into something of a national bonfire. Source: Daily Mail

Bonfire Costumes

Most Bonfire Nights are supported by local charities. People dress up in various costume and parade through the street with lanterns and torches. Source: Blogspot

Autumn Celebrations Bonfire Day

Fireworks illuminate the sky across Great Britain on Guy Fawkes Night. Two of the largest celebrations take place in Lewes and Glasgow. Source: Daily Mail

Day Of Dead Altar

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico as well as in the Mexican diaspora. The celebration takes place October 31st through November 2nd, in association with Allhallowtide. Source: Wikimedia

Autumn Celebrations Catrinas

Traditions associated with the holiday include building altars to remember the dead, making food offerings to the dead and caring for graves. The Catrina or female skeleton is a popular figure of Day of the Dead. Source: Wikimedia

Costume Day Of Dead

The celebration is important because it honors the dead while still celebrating life. Source: Wikimedia

Day Of Dead

Outside of Mexico, Day of the Dead celebrations still take place, with similar ones happening in Latin America, Texas, Arizona, California, the Philippines and Spain. Source: Wikimedia

Autumn Celebrations Diwali Stars

Known as “The Festival of Lights,” Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in Autumn as determined by the Hindu Lunisolar calendar. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. Source: Sf.co.ua

Autumn Celebrations Dogs

Animals are draped with marigold necklaces and blessed with vermillion. Dogs are particularly important because of their association with the Hindu god of death. Source: Sf.co.ua

Autumn Celebrations Diwali Amritsar

Jains and Sikhs also celebrate Diwali. The Golden Temple, a prominent Sikh gurdwara, is decorated for Diwali in the city of Amritsar. Source: Sf.co.ua

Autumn Celebrations Diwali Girl

Families light candles, set off fireworks, give gifts and make delicious meals to celebrate the holiday. Source: The Telegraph

Autumn Celebrations Fest Figures

Also called Mid-Autumn Festival, the Moon Festival is a harvest celebration observed by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. It takes place on the night of the full moon between September and October. Source: Wikimedia

Autumn Celebrations Moon Flowers

The celebration focuses on three important concepts: gathering, thanksgiving and praying. Source: Weekend Notes

Autumn Celebrations Moon

The lantern is the symbol of the festival and is used to decorate cities and towns for the celebration. Source: Wikimedia

Autumn Celebrations Moon Float

In Vietnam, children participate in parades and dress up in costumes and masks. Games relating to fortune telling, fights for the soul and spirit possession are played. Source: Wordpress

Autumn Celebrations Yi Reflection

The Yi Peng festival is held throughout Thailand and some parts of Laos, and coincides with Loi Krathong. Traditionally, the people make decorated baskets, which are floated down a river for Loi Krathong. The basket is the “krathong.” Source: Tumblr

Autumn Celebrations Yi Peng

To celebrate Yi Peng, people make sky lanterns and float them into the air. Additionally, people decorate their houses, shops and gardens with paper lanterns and candles. Source: Wikimedia

Autumn Celebrations Lanterns

This festival of lights is an opportunity for Buddhists to pay homage to the Buddha and ask for blessings. Source: Wikimedia

Autumn Celebrations Monk

Traditionally, only monks released the sky lanterns, but now anyone is free to do so. Other events include parades, beauty contests and celebratory meals. Source: Wikimedia

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Two million MDMA pills are smuggled into the US every day. Somehow we doubt that every person who uses the drug knows what sort of chemical reactions lead one to believe that spending hours dancing to terrible electronic music is an unambiguously good decision. This video explains what happens to your brain after consuming MDMA: no more mysteries.

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