You Must Watch These Top 6 Viral Videos From July

July 29, 2014
Viral Videos from July

Source: iePlexus

Everyone loves a good viral video–especially when the summer heat gets so unbearable that you practically have to stay inside to avoid becoming a puddle. To make sure that you never miss out on the funniest, most inspiring videos on the web, we’ve complied the top six viral videos from July. Watch them all, and then share your favorites with your friends!

DTAC’s Heartwarming Thai Commercial

Warning: DTAC’s new Thai commercial may prompt all the happy tears and warm fuzzies. We won’t spoil the story, but if you haven’t seen the “Technology will never replace love” advertisement, we highly recommend you take a second to watch it now. Just keep a box of Kleenex handy!

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The 21st Century According To 19th And 20th Century France

July 29, 2014

Starting around 1899, Jean-Marc Côté and a few other visionary French artists began to speculate what dramatic turns the world would take over the course of the next century. They carefully crafted a series of drawings to be displayed at the World Exhibition in Paris, and later these same images would become postcards and thoughtful inserts in cigarette and cigar boxes.

A sampling of what we can gather from these drawings is that French people of the early 1900s were convinced that we’d be spending a good portion of our future lives either airborne or underwater. Walking the Earth was so twentieth century, after all…

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Monday Morning In Pyongyang

July 28, 2014

Early Morning Pyongyang

Already considered an international pariah, this photo does little to challenge the stereotype that life in North Korea is much more grim than it is pleasant. Coated in grey, sooted hues, the somber reality of Pyongyang presents a stark contrast to the rosy, open skies.

For more information on the country, be sure to check out the rare photographs we’ve compiled of North Korean daily life as well as our article on the Mass Games.