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Back To School: 50+ Vintage School Photos Of Your Favorite Entertainers

The end of summer has arrived, and kids are packing up their Ninja Turtle lunch boxes (do they still have those?) and L.L. Bean embroidered backpacks and heading back to school. To celebrate the season, we’re throwing it back—waaaay back—with these celebrity school photos.

Everyone from the stars of The X-Files to late night comedians and popstars appears in the gallery below. You’ll probably recognize a few of them, but for others, you’ll have to squint:

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Johnny Depp School

Johnny Depp Image Source: BuzzFeed

Tina Fey School

Tina Fey Image Source: Celebrity Childhood Photo

Steve Carrell School

Steve Carrell Image Source: Tumblr

Conan Obrien School

Conan O’Brien Image Source: Tumblr

Meryl Streep School

Meryl Streep Image Source: The Meryl Streep Forum

Kurt Cobain School

Kurt Cobain Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Diane Keaton School

Diane Keaton Image Source: WhoSay

Kate Winslet School

Kate Winslet Image Source: Virgin Media

Lady Gaga School

Lady Gaga Image Source: Celebrity Childhood Photo

Katy Perry School

Katy Perry Image Source: Buzzfeed

Ariana Grande School

Ariana Grande Image Source: Garotas 4ever

Kelly Clarkson School

Kelly Clarkson Image Source: People

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman Image Source: Snakkle

George Clooney School

George Clooney Image Source:

Sigourney Weaver School

Sigourney Weaver Image Source: Tumblr

Bruno Mars School

Bruno Mars Image Source: Wikipedia

Tyra Banks School

Tyra Banks Image Source: Fan Pop

Andy Samberg School

Andy Samberg Image Source: Celebrity Childhood Photo

Jason Sudeikis School

Jason Sudeikis Image Source:

Bryan Cranston School

Bryan Cranston Image Source: BuzzFeed

Bruce Willis School

Bruce Willis Image Source: MoonlightingMagic

Jimmy Fallon School

Jimmy Fallon Image Source: Celebuzz

Tom Hanks School

Tom Hanks Image Source: WhoSay

Anthony Hopkins School

Anthony Hopkins Image Source: Unreality Mag

Kelsey Grammar School

Kelsey Grammar Image Source: Snakkle

David Duchovny School

David Duchovny Image Source: Celebrity Childhood Photos

Ralph Fiennes School

Ralph Fiennes Image Source: Tumblr

Gillian Anderson School

Gillian Anderson Image Source: Snakkle

Angelina Jolie School

Angelina Jolie Image Source: Mail Online

Danny Devito School

Image Source: Celebrity School Pics

Deschanels School

Emily and Zoey Deschanel Image Source: Tumblr

Catherine Zeta Jones School

Catherine Zeta Jones Image Source:

Jude Law School

Jude Law Image Source:

David Schwimmer School

David Schwimmer Image Source: Topito

Harrison Ford School

Harrison Ford Image Source: Snakkle

Iggy Azalea School

Iggy Azalea Image Source: undefined

Jim Parsons School

Jim Parsons Image Source: Личности

Whoopi Goldberg School

Whoopi Goldberg Image Source: New York Magazine

Jessica Biel School

Jessica Biel Image Source: WhoSay

John Stamos School

John Stamos Image Source: Tumblr

Julianne Hough School

Julianne Hough Image Source: Tumblr

Julie Andrews School

Julie Andrews Image Source: Celebrity Childhood Photo

Kate Middleton School

Kate Middleton Image Source: Tumblr

Katie Holmes School

Katie Holmes Image Source: Tumblr

Keanu Reeves School

Keanu Reeves Image Source: Blogspot

Meg Ryan School

Meg Ryan Image Source: Just Find It 4 U

Paula Abdul School

Paula Abdul Image Source: Snakkle

Renee Zellweger School

Renee Zellweger

Simon Baker School

Simon Baker Image Source: Blogspot

Winona Ryder School

Winona Ryder Image Source: Tumblr

Tom Selleck School

Tom Selleck Image Source: Buzzfeed

eL Seed Paints Peace Across The Arab World

El Seed Didouche Algeria

eL Seed’s calligraffiti adorns a building in Algiers, the capital and largest city of Algeria. Image Source:

Every day, the media parade negativity across our screens through stories of war, hardship, and murder. Modern artists’ attempts to tackle these issues are often overshadowed by the latest breaking news.

But graffiti is art that cannot be ignored. These large, colorful pieces force overlooked and forgotten messages into the public eye. French-Tunisian artist eL Seed uses calligraffiti–graffiti rendered in calligraphy (in eL Seed’s case, ancient Arabic calligraphy)–to invoke a sense of unity between both individuals and nations, particularly in the Arab/European communities where he often works. No matter where he works, his messages are uniquely related to each place; every Arabic word is painted to create an open dialogue, especially between antagonistic factions, within each community.

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Experts note that if enough water were to breach the levees, sea water from the Bay area would rush in and damage the water supply that serves two-thirds of California, translating to three years of further water restrictions in the Golden State. Learn more about the levees and how their failure can affect you—yes, you—at Wired.

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