Photos Of Life Inside A Modern-Day Commune

off the grid camp

The type of housing at Runnymede varies greatly.

Take a wrong turn on Twitter, and the idea of parting ways with modern technology for good becomes all the more appealing. While living off the grid is a passing thought for many, it’s actually a reality for some living just outside of London, England.

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“A Chaos Of Feeling”: Screaming Fan Girls Past And Present

fan girls history

A girl caught up in the moment at a 1960s Beatles show.

Teen and pre-teen girls have caught a lot of flack for their dogged adoration of pop stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction. And in some cases, rightly so: on several occasions, Bieber fans–popularly coined as “Beliebers”–have actually issued death threats to people (often women) who get too close to their carefully-coiffed obsession.

Fan Girls History

Justin Bieber fans at a concert in Cape Town, South Africa. Source: Fortress of Solitude

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Better Know A Saint: Cyril Of Alexandria

Saint Cyril Lead

Source: Wikimedia

Saint Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria between 414 and 444, was a leg breaker for Jesus. During his career, he outmaneuvered and ruined pagan philosophers, Roman politicians, and rival Christians in his quest for ideological purity and ever-greater power within the early Church. That he was eventually canonized for his characteristic single-minded brutality speaks volumes about the spirit of his age.

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