21 Prince Philip Quotes That Are Painfully Politically Incorrect

Prince Philip Quotes

Source: Toovia

Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for 67 years, making him the longest-serving spouse to a monarch in British history. During all of that time, Philip has built a reputation of repeatedly putting his foot in his mouth when he speaks in public. Usually, it’s something semi-racist or offensive that we would have expected from a Victorian royal 150 years ago. So in a way, one could argue that the geriatric prince is simply maintaining tradition. Here are some of Philip’s best, most cringe-worthy one liners:

Want to hear the man say the seemingly unsayable for himself? Check out this video:

Vintage Portland: The City Of Roses Over Time

These days, Oregon’s most populous city is best known for its oddball residents, abundance of craft breweries, fiercely liberal agenda and, of course, Portlandia. Yet in 1843, Portland was little more than a chunk of land claimed by William Overton and Asa Lovejoy for just a 25-cent filing fee. Two years later, a coin toss decided that the city would be called “Portland” instead of “Boston,” and the rest is history.

Following the toss, a number of events would help form one of America’s coolest cities. In 1879, Portland’s first telephone lines were installed. Almost fifty years later in 1912, the city’s first rose garden was established, giving the Portland its official nickname: the Rose City.

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South Asia’s Vibrant New Year Celebrations Are In Full Swing

New Year Dai

The Dai minority celebrate the New Year in Xishuangbanna, China. Source: Financial Times

For most Americans, the New Year took place a little over four months ago, and was marked by champagne, midnight countdowns and the dropping of a very important ball. Yet in most South Asian countries, people celebrate the New Year in mid-April when spring is in full bloom. Celebrations vary greatly from community to community, but share the same optimistic and jovial vibes as other New Year’s traditions around the world.

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