Elvis Fans, The “Beliebers” Of The 20th Century

Elvis Presley Concert 1957

And you thought One Direction and Justin Bieber fans were the scourge of the planet. As the United States turned a cold shoulder to the USSR in the middle of the 20th century, it–or at least its young men and women–clamored for the gyrations of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s hips. The raven-haired Tennesseean lit the States on fire with his crooning and unabashed sexuality, using his background with black Gospel music to really pave the way for the boisterous, frenetic and electric sounds that would define the 1960s and beyond. Featured above is a woman at a 1957 Presley concert, who we can only assume was having a good time.

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Fabulous Photos Of A Young Betty White

In 2013, 93-year-old Betty White became the female entertainer with the world’s longest television career. White sings, writes, acts and produces, having appeared most famously in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls. Over the past several years White has become a favorite among up-and-coming comedic acts, but White is so much more than funny: she helped pave the way for today’s female producers, and was one of the first women in American television who had creative control before the camera and behind it. The folks at Vintage Everyday have looked back to White’s early days, and it would be an understatement to say that we’re obsessed.

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The Andromeda Galaxy Reminds Us How Small We Are

There are moments when it seems as if the world truly does revolve around us. Yet when we step back and put life in perspective, our smallness quickly becomes evident; we are merely a fraction of a speck in an infinite picture. At this year’s meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle, NASA released the world’s largest photo of the Andromeda Galaxy. Though the image can hardly do justice to the star system’s gargantuan size and scope, it offers us a breathtaking peek at the complexity of our universe.

World's Largest Image of Andromeda Galaxy

A much smaller version of the massive image. Source: Astro Bob

Massive Galaxy Up Close

A zoomed-in view of the Andromeda Galaxy image. Source: Hyperallergic

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This “Darwin Menagerie” Highlights The Beauty In Death

Darwin Menagerie Window View

The creative minds behind Darwin, Sinke & Van Tongeren of Fine Taxidermy recently held an exhibition of their work at Jamb Antiques Emporium during Lond’s Frieze art fair. The taxidermic art they put on display was immediately lauded for its vibrancy and truly lifelike appearance.

What makes the works of Sinke and Van Tongeren different from any other taxidermy you may have seen in the past? “Traditional taxidermy,” as Van Tongeren says, “seems a poor attempt to preserve this kind of beauty. We want our animals to look alive, alert and bright with color”. Sinke adds that “We cherish the patience, perseverance and craftsmanship of past times. Our Fine Taxidermy is as valid a piece of art as painting, sculpture or contemporary installation. It is our hope and intention that these works will be recognized for the skill, dedication and dramatic effect for which we continually strive”.

Darwin Menagerie Toucan

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