What We Loved This Week, Jul. 17 – 23

America’s Christian entertainment industry, facial tattoos in Myanmar, flappers hiding booze, new UNESCO sites, surprising New York City photos.

Bloody Jesus

Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/The Washington PostJulian Jimenez portrays Jesus during a traditional Via Crucis or Way of the Cross procession in Langley Park, Maryland.

Inside America’s Christian Entertainment Industry

Ark Encounter

Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/The Washington PostVisitors to Ark Encounter wait for the attraction’s opening ceremonies in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Although some of the Christian entertainment/education industry’s highest profile destinations — including Kentucky’s Creation Museum and newly opened Noah’s Ark Encounter — were quite costly to erect and aren’t exactly hitting their projections, similar attractions continue to open every year.

Next year, in fact, the $400 million, 430,000 square foot Museum of the Bible is set to open in Washington, D.C. While none have yet been that big, or that expensive, America offers plenty of Christian destinations.

Step inside that world at The Washington Post.

Adam Eve

Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/The Washington PostAdam and Eve are seen in the Garden of Eden at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

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The Rise And Fall (And Rise Again) Of Frances Farmer

The life of actress Frances Farmer has been subject to dramatic fictionalization. But the truth of her life is much darker.

Frances Farmer

Wikimedia Commons Frances Farmer

In 1935, Seattle native Frances Farmer made an incredibly consequential decision: The 22-year-old moved to New York, where she hoped to launch her theater career. While more interested in stage acting, Farmer ended up signing a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures, and from 1936 to 1958 appeared in 15 films alongside stars like Bing Crosby and Cary Grant.

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