10 Movie Myths That You Probably Believe

Star Wars Space Battle

There are a few things wrong with this photo. Want to guess which one we’re about to seize upon? Image Source: www.tested.com

Hollywood is, of course, a source of entertainment, not facts. More often than not, movies and TV shows tamper with the truth in order to create a more exciting product. And while that’s all well and good–reality can be pretty dull–it has created numerous myths about the way the world works that are now believed across the globe. Be it the way laser guns would actually look, how phone calls are really traced, or what it would truly take to bring back the dinosaurs, here are ten movie myths you probably believe.


First up: The thing every action hero survives in the movies, but never would in real life…

Radu Alexander
Radu is a freelance writer who specializes in historical, scientific and offbeat topics.
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