The 60 Most Surprising Photos Of 2013

Gorilla Nails

The US Fish and Wildlife Service confiscate a gorilla hand with a chipped manicure in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bodies In Urban Spaces

A group of (hopefully) friends contort themselves into a wall as part of Porto, Portugal’s “Bodies in Urban Spaces” project.

China Algae

Green algae blankets a Qingdao beach. While aesthetically unpleasing, the seaweed is non-toxic.

Football Game T Rex

During halftime at a LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders soccer game, a dinosaur representing LA’s Natural History Museum took to the green.

Surprising Photos Francis Selfie

Pope Francis poses with the youth at Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Elk On Roof

A deer stranded on the roof in Verneuil-sur-Indre, France.

Surprising Photos Flood Pool

Over the summer, the Elbe river in Germany flooded over. This scene is taken from Magdeburg.

Surprising Photos Chihuahua Tiger

A pet tiger makes a good pillow for a chihuahua in Maringa, Brazil.

Surprising Photos Bullies

Children beating a gay rights activist protesting in Russia, following the proposal of a new law that would effectively prohibit gay rights rallies.

Child Soldiers

Palestinian boys running from explosions, carting away AK47s. Each year, Islamic Jihad runs paramilitary summer camps for over 10,000 children.

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