Pen Spinning–It Can Actually Be An Art Form

April 24, 2014

What you do while bore is, to some, a burgeoning art form. Meet the Taiwanese pen spinners, whose joys include shattering the novelty of juggling by simply using pens for purposes other than writing.

Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Lennon

April 24, 2014

For a man who arguably did more than any other person to influence what the 1960s sounded like, John Lennon was a surprisingly private figure. Even today, more than three decades after his death and in a world full of people who still consider themselves his fans, it’s possible to be surprised by some of the less-known facts about the rock icon. Here are ten facts that might surprise you about the life of John Lennon:

10) He Didn’t Like The Sound Of His Own Voice

Singing Color

Source: Blogspot

According to George Martin, by way of biographer Ray Coleman, John was never satisfied with the way he sounded on vinyl. Martin said that Lennon had “an intense dislike of his own voice,” and was forever asking for more effects to be added to alter his vocals.

9) He Once Got Suspended From School For Pornography

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A Gorgeous Underground Beach In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 23, 2014

Underground Beach Puerto Vallarta

Hidden just off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are the Marieta Islands. Years of volcanic activity and government military testing resulted in the islands’ concave appearance, and a water tunnel leads visitors to its tucked away beach.