May’s Top 5 Most Adorable Animal Videos

Adorable Animal Video Baby Owl

Source: Minus

YouTube would be nothing without its endless supply of adorable animal videos. With an array of sleepy puppies, fuzzy cats and unlikely friendships, there are enough videos to keep any animal enthusiast occupied for hours. To save you the trouble, we’ve rounded up May’s most adorable animal videos.

Mother Elephant Keeps Baby From Floating Away

Adorable Animal Video Baby Elephant

Source: David Lazar

While most adult elephants are superb swimmers, this elephant calf was almost swept away when crossing Kenya’s Ewaso Nyiro. Being the community-driven animals that they are, members of the herd quickly stepped in to rescue the calf from floating downstream. Despite weighing more than the average human being, treacherous waters can be a dangerous obstacle for young elephants. Check out the incredibly adorable animal video below:

Adorable Animal Videos: Cat Saves Young Boy From Dog Attack

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but this video suggests otherwise. Four-year-old Jeremy was riding his bike outside when he was viciously attacked by the neighbor’s dog. Yet as the canine snapped its jaws and pulled the boy to the ground, Jeremy’s pet cat Tara bounded onto the scene to save the day. Home surveillance videos captured the incredible rescue, which has since warmed hearts around the world. Here’s the full video, plus an exclusive interview with Jeremy and his parents:

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