Animated GIF Guide To New York City Etiquette

Created by artist Nathan Pyle, the animated GIF guide to New York City is a wonderful visualization for appropriate etiquette and procedure when dealing with the Big Apple. Learn how to navigate subways, avoid scams, and catch a cab the proper way with this great GIF guide:

Cab Catching Etiquette

New York City Cab Catching Etiquette GIF

Holding Doors

GIF Guide To New York City Holding Doors

Exiting Cars Etiquette

GIF Guide To New York City Exiting Car Doors



Photography In Busy Areas

Busy Area Photography Etiquette GIF

Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors

Cell Phone Service In The Subway

New York City Cell Phone Service in Subways GIF

Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox is the Managing Editor of All That Is Interesting. She holds a Master's Degree in International Relations, and works as a reporter/producer for DNAinfo.
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