‘Appreciate America’ – A Fascinating Propaganda Series From World War 2

While American forces fought Axis forces across the globe, America was also consumed with winning the war at home during World War 2. With Japanese-Americans sent to internment camps and intelligence agencies maintaining surveillance on German-Americans (and not to mention concern about organized labor), America was in a hyper-vigilant state of internal security. Part of this effort involved domestic propaganda, like this “Appreciate America” poster series distributed from 1942 to 1945:

Why You Should Appreciate America
Smash The Bottleneck World War 2 Propaganda Poster
Donald Duck Propaganda Poster
Don Winslow World War 2 Poster
‘Appreciate America’ – A Fascinating Propaganda Series From World War 2
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All 'Appreciate America' images via imgur.

For the flip side of propaganda, check out North Korea's brutal anti-American posters.

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