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Oh, hi Sauron! The Ring is over there. Don’t hurt us, okay? Source: MPE

Space is really cool. Like, cooler than the coolest thing ever. Some people find it boring, but that’s probably because astronomers sometimes speak an arcane language that doesn’t connect the intrinsic coolness of what they do for a living with whatever dumb thing is going on here on the muddy Earth. Also, there’s math. Lots and lots of math seems to be involved, as does some really expensive viewing equipment.

But the thing is, you’re in space right now. Earth is part of space, so it behooves you to know a thing or two about the neighborhood. As most of us don’t have access to multimillion-dollar telescope arrays (sadly), here’s some stuff that’s reasonably close and doesn’t require a degree in physics to understand. Some of the things in this gallery are visible with the unaided eye, some take a nice set of binoculars or a cheap telescope to spot, and some couldn’t be found without a billion-dollar orbiting space telescope.

Astronomy Basics Lagrange Diagram
Astronomy Basics LaGrange Asteroid
Astronomy Basics Orbit
Astronomy Basics Lunar Crater
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Richard Stockton is a freelance science and technology writer from Sacramento, California.
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