The 25 Best GoPro Videos Of All Time

Experience a skydive from space, explore the inside of a volcano, get catapulted off a cliff and more in these jaw-dropping GoPro videos…

Two years ago, four guys launched a camera tied to a weather balloon into outer space over the Grand Canyon. It climbed to nearly 100,000 feet before crashing back to earth. Earlier this year, an Arizona hiker stumbled upon the camera in the middle of the desert. The stunning video it contained–now with over 6 million views online–exists thanks to serendipity, patience, and one epic piece of technology.

Wilderness explorers, extreme sports lovers, and gonzo filmmakers all have one thing in common: they all now reach for the same type of camera. Since 2002, the GoPro has epitomized versatile, action-oriented film at its finest, and the company’s now roughly $7.4 billion valuation proves it.

Now, even those too cautious to free-fall 24 miles through the sky (see below) or strap on a wingsuit can experience the thrills and spills from the safety of their own screens. So here they are, the 25 absolute best GoPro videos:

The 25 Best GoPro Videos Of All Time
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