The Six Most Bizarre Dinosaurs

The Six Most Bizarre Dinosaurs

The Most Bizarre Dinosaurs: Pliosaurs


The pliosaur was a marine reptile that haunted the oceans throughout the late Jurassic period. The bizarre beast had a short neck, huge jaw and a massive skeleton – 8 feet of which accounted for just its head – and is considered one of the most powerful killing machines of its age.

Pliosaur Picture


Most Bizarre Dinosaurs Mamenchisaurus

The mamenchisaurus may look like the cousin of the brontosaurus, but there is one bizarre and significant difference. This dinosaur’s neck was up to 46 feet in length and comprised half its full body length.

Mamenchisaurus Picture

The Six Most Bizarre Dinosaurs

The Most Bizarre Dinosaurs: Nigersaurus taqueti

Nigersaurus taqueti

Over 100 million years ago, the nigersauras was an elephant-sized animal that lived in what is now West Africa. The herbivore had a stunning display of teeth – ten rows and a mouth shaped like a shovel – which scientists assume was used to “vacuum” up its meals. The dinosaur’s discovery has prompted some scientists to reassess their ideas about how other herbivores consumed their food.

Bizarre Dinosaur Nigersaurus taqueti

Nigersaurus taqueti Picture

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