Six Of The World’s Most Bizarre Hangover Cures

Armpits laced with lemon juice

In Puerto Rico it is common practice to rub a slice of lemon in one’s armpit before commencing a night of drinking. Puerto Rican lore states that lemon prevents sweating, which thereby retains internal fluids and thus prevents dehydration and headaches. 

Sweating it out

Bizarre Hangover Cures Sweat

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According to Native Americans, the best way to rid oneself of a night of drinking and debauchery is to kick up a sweat, lick that sweat and then spit it out.

Animal Parts

Bizarre Hangover Cures Animal Parts

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There are also various animal-laced cures around the world for hangovers. Mongolians drink pickled sheep’s eyes in tomato juice; cowboys used to drink tea with rabbit droppings; some Vietnamese people crush Rhino horns into hot water; and Sicilians eat a dried bull’s penis.

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