The Most Brutal Gangs Around The World

Citizens who manage to stay on the right side of their home countries’ laws usually settle their disputes in a civilized way—by suing the pants off of each other. Sometimes their disputes rise to the level of Internet flame wars or screaming matches at homeowners’ association meetings.

The gangs on this list, however, mostly grew up in places and among social classes that don’t offer that kind of redress. The disputes that arise among pimps, smugglers, thieves, and drug pushers mostly get solved with violence–the more violent, the better.

From the group that got their start by stabbing 48 of their city’s then most powerful gangsters to death all at once to the criminals who run the murder capital of the world (Which isn’t where you think) to the wing of the already violent cartels that actually specializes in violence, here are seven of the most violent gangs operating in the world today:


First up: They sacrifice humans, cast spells, and charge people to use public bathrooms…

Richard Stockton
Richard Stockton is a freelance science and technology writer from Sacramento, California.
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