Caras Ionut, Bringing Dreams To Life

Caras Ionut Mountain Photography

We’ve all had dreams so beautifully bizarre that it seems impossible to recreate them, but one artist does just that. Caras Ionut, the mastermind behind fantasy photo manipulation, is well-versed in the art of Photoshop and reflecting our unconscious selves in photos. Born in Romania, Ionut spent his childhood surrounded by rugged mountain roads and weathering some incredibly harsh conditions, and it’s from these exotic terrains that he draws much of his inspiration.

Caras Ionut Fishing

Animal Safari

Caras Ionut Balloon Boy

Caras Ionut Flower

Many of his photos prominently feature dreamy hues of blues and whites, evoking the frosty mornings he’s often woken up to, while others are pure impersonal fantasy that highlight the imagination of our inner child. Whether our unconscious state takes us to the top of the world or down a mysterious lantern-lit path, Ionut brings those destinations to us in a way that is as creative as it is technically impressive. But there’s another side to Ionut’s work that’s just as important as the impossible portraits he creates.

Caras Ionut Confused Sound

Caras Ionut Fairytale Wedding

Caras Ionut Elephant Water

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