The Five Craziest Dishes Of The World

Five of the craziest dishes of the world that you'll be amazed and intrigued to find out people actually eat... and quite enjoy!

The Craziest Dishes Of The World: Fried Brain Sandwich

Fried Brain Sandwich

While not necessarily KFC, but in some parts of the world deep-fried cow brains are considered an equivalent of sorts. A bizarre specialty throughout parts of America, the brain is heavily battered, spattered with hot sauce and served on hamburger buns. Staying true to their gastronomical roots, El Salvador and Mexico’s version utilizes the brains as taco and burrito fillings.

Craziest Dishes Of The World Fried Brain Sandwich

Frog Sashimi

Frog Sashimi

It’s not easy being green, especially in Tokyo. In select restaurants in the city, many consider eating the still beating heart of a frog a delicacy. In front of the lucky audience, a sushi chef cuts the frog open and passes the pulsating heart over to the patrons to consume immediately. The remainder of the frog is then sliced and served raw with seafood. Delicious!

Craziest Dishes Of The World Frog Sashimi

The Craziest Dishes: Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu

Forget brie. Casu Marzu, a cheese found in Italy, is much more delectable–and exotic: Casu Marzu is home to insect larvae, which are deliberately added to increase fermentation. Needless to say, many people brush off the larvae before consuming the cheese.

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