The Seven Craziest Mental Diseases

The human being is a curious creature and its mind is even curiouser. Here is an intriguing look at the seven craziest mental diseases that can plague the mind:


Craziest Mental Diseases Autophagia

Autophagia is a mental disease in which the sufferer is compelled to inflict pain on themselves. The twisted part is that the pain comes in the form of biting and/or devouring portions of their body. The disease may be caused by severe sexual anxiety sometimes combined with schizophrenia or psychosis.

Amputee Identity Disorder

Amputee Identity Disorder

This is a neurological and psychological disorder in which a person feels they would be happier living life as an amputee. The disorder is usually accompanied by the desire to amputate a healthy limb in order to achieve their goals.

Craziest Mental Diseases: Oniomania

Mental Disease Oniomia

Yes, being a shopaholic is actually a mental disease scientifically known as Oniomania. The disease refers to a person’s compulsive desire to shop, which is characterized by a vicious circle of negative emotions that lead the sufferer to purchase something.

Mamta Bhatt
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