Eleven Awesome Food Hacks

A collection of 11 awesome cooking and food hacks that will drastically improve your culinary life!

A collection of eleven awesome cooking and food hacks, courtesy of Reddit Pro Tips, Buzzfeed, and us:

Make Crispy Tortilla Bowls

Awesome Food Hacks Crispy Tortilla Bowls

Awesome Food Hacks: Optimize Your Sandwich Meat Layout

Awesome Food Hacks Optimal Sandwich Layout

Use Muffin Trays To Hold Condiments

Muffin Trays to Hold Condiments

How To Preserve Fruit

Food Hack Preserve Fruit

Awesome Food Hacks: Cut Bread Better

How To Cut Bread

Use A Wooden Spoon To Prevent Boiling Over

Wooden Spoon to Prevent Boiling Over

Make Two Minute Brownies

Two Minute Brownies Cooking Hack

Learn When To Buy Fruit

When To Buy Fruits Chart

Use Dental Floss To Cut Soft Cheeses & Cakes

Hacks Use Dental Floss To Cut Cheese and Cake

Core Lettuce In 3 Seconds

Core Lettuce In 3 Seconds

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