FBI Most Wanted List: The Most Wanted Fugitives Right Now

The FBI most wanted list is almost as infamous as the people on it.

Fbi Most Wanted List Ray

Getty Images James Earl Ray’s FBI most wanted poster.

Through the years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ has been almost as infamous as the men on it.

A committee made up of agents from all 56 field offices of the FBI create the list, after surveying the most dangerous crimes, and the period of time the criminal spent evading arrest. Surprisingly, there’s even a waiting list. Some criminals are placed on a secondary list, and have to wait until a spot frees up. Osama bin Laden was one of those wait-listed for the top ten. He wasn’t added until almost a year after he bombed an embassy in Kenya.

Out of more than 500 people who’ve had their names on the list, only nine of them were women, the first in 1968, the latest in 2016.

Here’s the list as of December 2017.

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