Bizarre Recently Discovered Species: Protoanguilla Palau

Recently Discovered Species Protoanguilla Palau

Source: Wetenschapg

This weird fish has been classified as an eel, but as it differs from all known eel species in a number of distinct anatomical ways. It was first spotted in March 2010 off the coast of Palau in an underwater cave.

Laotian Rock Rat (Laonastes Aeningmamus)

Laotian Rock Rat

Source: Newswise

First described as a new species in 2005, the locals around Laos’ Khammouan Limestone National Biodiversity Conservation Area have been using the Rock Rat as a food source long before scientists took an interest in it. Thought to be an entirely new species, there has been some controversy after DNA testing linked it to a long-extinct group of mammals known as the Diatomyidae.

Savannah Cox
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