Adorable Pomeranian Face

Robin Yu’s series, “”Adventures with Flint the Fabulous Pomeranian”, is truly demonstrative of the joy and happiness a dog can bring into a person’s life. Coming into Yu’s Portland home when he was only nine months old, Flint is now six and still retains the same spry, cheerful demeanor that tends to disappear as dogs (and humans) get older. Says Yu, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him grumpy…he brings all sorts of joy to my life.” For more Flint photos to brighten your day, be sure to visit Yu’s website.

Adorable Pomeranian Bubbles

Adorable Pomeranian Balloons

Adorable Pomeranian Air

Flint Pomeranian Fish

Flint Pomeranian Floor

Flint Pomeranian Glasses

Flint Pomeranian Scarf

Flint Pomeranian How To

Flint Pomeranian Popcorn

Flint Pomeranian Lemons

Flint Pomeranian Splash

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