The 10 Most Fascinating (And Terrifying) Fringe Sciences

Fringe science is any field of scientific inquiry which represents a significant departure from orthodox theories or bodies of work. Sometimes fringe sciences are accepted and become mainstream. Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and Continental Drift all began on the fringes of science and today–while still debated by some–are taken as scientific truth.

Here are the top 10 fringe sciences and theories that could become mainstream in your lifetime.

Fringe Sciences: Cybernetics

Fringe Science Terminator

Source: Alpha Coders

Cybernetics is the study and re-creation of control systems (the nervous system, the brain, and mechanical-electrical communication systems). In other words, it’s the attempt to create human-robot hybrids which, as we know from EVERY MOVIE EVER MADE ON THE SUBJECT, never ends well.

The first industrial robot was invented in 1961, and then in 2007 the London based Shadow Robot Company successfully produced and marketed the Shadow Hand–a glove controlled cybernetic hand with the same dexterity as a human’s.

The company didn’t respond to our request for a price quote, but we can go ahead and assume most people aren’t going to be running out to buy one anytime soon. The Shadow Hand is used for research in grasping, manipulation, neural control, brain computer interface, industrial quality control, and handling hazardous materials like explosives or radioactive substances.

Since the Shadow Robot Company sounds like a front for an evil organization hell bent on taking over the world, we assume the hand might also be used to strangle any adversaries of the company’s managing director, Rich Walker. Yes, that is correct, his name is Rich Walker. More evidence that we will all be his underlings some day.

Doomsday Devices

North Korea

Source: English Blog

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s hope North Korea doesn’t figure out the whole nuclear weapon thing.

Julia Day
Julia Day is a New York based writer and illustrator. She attended Colby College where she studied 17th Century Poetry, Environmental Science, and Philosophy.
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