The Seven Greatest Humanitarians In History

The Greatest Humanitarians: Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi in India Picture

Not many would be unfamiliar with the Indian political and ideological leader, Gandhi. Dubbed the “Father of the Nation”, Gandhi was responsible for leading and inspiring India to independence from the British. From 1915 to 1945, he worked tirelessly to advocate for peaceful demonstrations as India moved for independence. His efforts and philosophy influenced civil rights and freedom movements around the world.

Oskar Schindler

Greatest Humanitarians Oskar Schindler

Those familiar with Steven Spielberg’s epic Schindler’s List will be familiar with the Oskar Schindler story. Born in 1908, the German industrialist saved over 1000 Jews during the Holocaust.

In 1939, Schindler gained ownership over a large factory and it was at this factory that he employed thousands of Jews, thereby saving their lives. Schindler used his power and the factory’s importance to shield his workers from the numerous Gestapo raids and threats of deportation.

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