If international travel isn't in your budget; fear not: there are plenty of gorgeous natural wonders in the United States.

The Earth is filled with natural wonders, carved and sculpted by nature’s passage of time. Mountains and rivers chiseled by ancient glaciers dot the global landscape, along with waterfalls, caves and marshes. Surprisingly, many of these impressive features can be found in America, across its expansive 3.8 million square miles.

Wild locations like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon are well known for their beauty and landscape, but a plethora of just-as-beautiful others are hidden throughout the nation. These secreted gems offer visitors a unique opportunity to not only see natural America, but also to take a trip off the beaten path.

Black Hills American Wonders
Buffalo in the Black Hills
Hidden Wonders Bombay Hook
Bombay Hook Wildlife Reserve
Don’t Have The Budget For International Travel? Check Out These Hidden Wonders Of The United States
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Susan Sims
Susan Sims
When she's not fighting crime or cleaning the garbage disposal, you can find Susan writing about travel, science and things that go bump in the night.
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