These brave dogs endured the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, and made it out as loyal and loving as ever.
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Hurricane Harvey’s Dogs: 21 Stirring Photos Of Brave Pooches That Survived The Storm
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As man's best friend, dogs often have to endure the same tragedies that humans go through.

In the midst of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, many people not only had to ensure their own safety, but that of their beloved dogs as well. They helped their pets get on rafts and floatation devices, and even carried them on their shoulders, all to make sure that their family members made it out ok.

Many dogs were inadvertently left behind in the panic was that was the evacuation of Houston. Thankfully, vets and volunteers stepped up to save as many dogs as they could, getting them to shelters and comforting the scared pooches.

The Hurricane Harvey dogs also served to help people through this difficult and trying experience, comforting their owners and helping them feel better about the horrifying events that had come to pass. Here are 18 photos of some of the brave dogs who made it through this terrible ordeal.

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Gabe Paoletti
Gabe is a New York City-based writer and an Editorial Intern at All That Is Interesting.
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