The Most Iconic Images Of The 1970s

Iconic Images Of The 1970s: Napalm Girl, 1972

Iconic Images Of The 1970s Napalm Girl

Taken by Huynh Cong Ut, this photograph of the devastating impact of a napalm attack is the most iconic image of the Vietnam War. The girl in the center of the photograph is 9-year old Kim Phúc, who is running away from the attack with severe burns.

Kent State protest, 1970

Kent State Shooting

The Kent State protest rocked Ohio after President Nixon announced he was sending troops into Cambodia. What was meant to be a peaceful protest gained the attention of the Ohio National Guard, which fired at the crowd and killed four. This image of a young woman crying over the dead body of a student was taken by John Filo and won him a Pulitzer Prize and became one of the most iconic images of the 1970s.

Fire on Marlborough Street, 1975

Iconic Images Of The 1970s Fire On Marlborough Street

Boston Herald photographer Stanley J. Forman snapped this picture in 1975 after a fire broke on out Marlborough Street. The tragic tale goes that the two individuals depicted, Diana Bryant and Tiare Jones, jumped from their building just seconds before a fireman tried to grab them to save their life. Diana Bryant was pronounced dead at the scene, while the little girl survived. The powerful photograph won a Pulitzer Prize and also paved the way for Boston and other states to mandate tougher fire safety codes.

Nixon’s Resignation, 1974

The Most Iconic Images Of The 1970s

After the Watergate scandal ruined his Presidency, this iconic image – Richard Nixon waving goodbye as he boards a helicopter at the White House on the day his resignation – was taken.

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