The Most Iconic Photos Of The 1960s

Iconic Photos Of The 1960s: Guerrillero Heroico, 1960

Iconic Photos Of The 1960s Che Guevara Guerrillero Heroico

“Guerrillero Heroico” or “Heroic Guerrilla Fighter” is one of the most popular and stylized pictures of all time. Taken by Alberto Korda on March 5, the image is of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara at a memorial service for victims of La Coubre explosion. It is often considered as the most famous image in the world and certainly lionized Guevara’s person as it is the most reproduced image in photography.

Assassination of Japan Socialist Inejiro Asanuma, 1960

Iconic Photos Of The 1960s Japan Assassination

This picture was taken literally a second before the Japanese socialist Party leader Asanuma was stabbed to death on live TV by a right wing extremist. Photographer Yasushi Nagao, whose modest response was that he was in the right place at the right time, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the shot and became one of the iconic photos of the 1960s.

The Most Iconic Photos Of The 1960s: Burning Monk, 1963

Most Iconic Photos Of The 1960s Burning Man

Malcolm W. Browne captured this image of the Vietnamese monk, Thich Quang Duc, who set himself on fire to protest the Diem regime’s ruthless persecution of Buddhists. The image, needless to say, captured the “hearts and minds” of millions world-over.

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