The World’s Most Incredible Umbrella Designs

From Portugal to Japan, a fantastic collection of astounding umbrella designs from across the world!

The World’s Most Incredible Umbrella Designs: Portugal

This colorful walkway of umbrellas is an art installation over the streets of Águeda, a small town in Portugal. There is little known about this mysterious installation that appears to mimic the 1964 film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. As the sun hits the umbrellas, shadows and colors rain down on the pedestrians below:


Dating back to 1931, this miniature umbrella design from England put an end to soggy cigarettes. Invented so that gentlemen could enjoy their morning walk in the rain whilst smoking, it was mimicked by inventors for several decades:

The summer of 2012 saw a spectacular display of sporting excellence for England and a host of incredible design. The Paralympic Games’ opening ceremony featured a running theme of umbrellas. Not only did men descend from the sky with colored parasols, but here you can see a mechanical umbrella with a map of the globe imprinted on it and a giant red umbrella turned into a boat:

The World’s Most Incredible Umbrella Designs: France

Inspired by the cabaret acts that graced the stage of the famous Moulin Rouge, one of the more beautiful umbrellas is this summer parasol made from Ostrich feathers. Delicately designed, the sun would fall gracefully across the woman’s face:

Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox is the Managing Editor of All That Is Interesting. She holds a Master's Degree in International Relations, and works as a reporter/producer for DNAinfo.
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