21 Inspiring Instagrams That Helped Change The World This Year

Now with over 80 million photo uploads per day, Instagram is sure to capture virtually all of humanity’s inanity. At some point, if you’ve seen one sunset, selfie, or Starbucks order, no matter how perfectly shot or filtered, you’ve seen them all. But none of that precludes the fact that Instagram’s unprecedented powers of communication can be used to actually make a difference in this world. It’s not always easy to separate wheat from chaff, but whether saving animals, feeding the hungry, or documenting humanity’s appalling lows and wondrous highs, here are 21 inspiring Instagrams that used their reach to effect real change in 2015.

White Sea Lion Pup
Girl Pink Clothing
Little Girl Clutching Book
Rape Survey
21 Inspiring Instagrams That Helped Change The World This Year
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