6 Interesting Events You May Not Have Learned In History Class

The Mary Celeste Disappearance, 1872

Interesting Events Mary Celeste Disappearance

Source: Blogspot

On November 7, 1872, Captain Briggs commandeered the Mary Celeste from New York en route to Genoa, Italy. On board were a crew of seven alongside Briggs, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter, all of whom were ready to deliver 1,701 barrels of commercial alcohol needed to fortify Italian wines. Unfortunately, the Mary Celeste never docked in Italy.

Instead, the ship was later discovered floating in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar, with no signs of struggle, a lifeboat missing, the Captain’s log and alcohol intact, but lacking a single living person on board.

Theories of what happened range all the way from alien abduction to mutiny to cargo fumes that forced abandonment, but no conclusive proof exists as to what actually happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste:

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