The life of John Lennon was marked not only by genius and fame, but contradictions. The patron saint of peace and love sometimes engaged in acts of shocking violence and cruelty. The singer beloved for his vocals just happened to despise his own voice. The songwriter responsible for “all you need is love” and “imagine no possessions” had an extravagant taste for the finer things.

These 21 John Lennon facts bring to bear the artist’s dark, ugly, funny and strange sides that most fans don’t know about:

John Lennon Facts
Strawberry Field
Peace Spectacles
Beatles Smiling
21 Little-Known Facts And Photos That Reveal John Lennon’s Dark, Weird Side
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Next, check out 21 dark John Lennon quotes that further reveal the man's ugly side. Then, see a 16-year-old John Lennon along with Paul McCartney and George Harrison in this rare photo of the group that would become The Beatles, in 1957.

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