20 Harrowing Scenes From The 1992 LA Riots

On April 29, 1992, the streets of Los Angeles broke into chaos.

The riots erupted after a mostly white jury did not reach an excessive force conviction against the four white police officers who were videotaped beating black motorist Rodney King after he fled from police in an attempt to outrun a speeding charge.

Soon after the jury’s verdict was announced, rioting, looting, and arson quickly spun out of control. By the time the National Guard came in six days later, 52 people were dead, over 4,000 were injured, and $1 billion worth of property had been damaged. These stark images from the LA riots reveal a city in total collapse:

La Riots Aerial View
Rodney King Beating
Apartment Fire
Busted Window
20 Harrowing Scenes From The 1992 LA Riots
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If you want live footage of the riots -- and a sad reminder of how many grievances have gone unanswered -- check out the documentary below:

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