The Dramatic Heights Of Lake Leitisvatn

Lake Leitisvatn Faroe Islands

If you were in Norway and decided that you wanted to take a boat to the halfway point between Norway and Iceland, chances are you’d run into the Faroe Islands. If you decided to shore your boat and explore the individual islands within this frigid archipelago, you’d eventually discover Leitisvatn (featured above), the islands’ largest lake. The lake’s surface rests some 98 feet above sea level, and is enclosed by a higher cliff which prevents the lake’s waters from emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, the Faroe Islands are sort of like the Scotland of the Nordic countries, operating as a self-governing country within the Danish realm. The 50,000 Faroese have representation in the Nordic Council, but as members of the Danish delegation. As you might imagine, a number of Faroese have made motions for full sovereignty outside of Denmark, which is hundreds of miles away both in terms of culture and physical proximity.

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Savannah Cox
Savannah Cox is the Managing Editor of All That Is Interesting. She holds a Master's Degree in International Relations, and works as a reporter/producer for DNAinfo.
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