What We Love This Week, Volume XXIX

Stunning Rural Landscapes Blend Reality With Dreams

For many, nature–the reality from which all of us hail–is little more than a dream in a world defined by brick, plaster and concrete. It’s easy to confuse the two, and it’s even easier to think that a return to nature within a walled world is impossible. Convening the other-worldly aspects of rural life with the realism manifest within a camera’s lens, photographer Lisa Wood presents landscapes that are palpable yet still seem, for whatever reason, entirely out of reach to us. Be sure to visit My Modern Met for more pictorial representations of heaven on Earth.

A Fantastic Photo Summary Of The 2013 Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Fire

Source: The Atlantic

Like so many things with roots in the 1980s, Nevada’s Burning Man Festival has seen an extraordinary amount of growth–and cost–within the past few decades. What began as a casual bonfire among friends quickly became an annual festival filled to the brim with over 50,000 attendees seeking repentance, radical self-expression, and an unforgiving environment that would cause many to forego the more superficial aspects of life for a few days. As the event grew, though, so too did the price. The festival, which for nearly ten years provided free grounds for spiritual renewal and grooving of the cosmic realm, required that this year’s participants shed a cool $310 for a few days of dusty transcendence. Worth it? Find out for yourself by scrolling through The Atlantic’s photo gallery.

Burning Man Believe

Source: The Atlantic

Burning Man Pose

Source: The Atlantic

The Best Mother-Daughter Collaboration Out There

Mother Daughter Art Field

Source: Visual News

Some of the world’s best art doesn’t just imitate life; rather, it offers its take on one story within life’s infinite pool. And, as illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks noted, what better a story to tell than the creative relationship between a mother and her daughter? While Hendricks is a self-admitted perfectionist, it was when she granted her four year-old full artistic license over the sketch pad that some of Hendricks’ favorite drawings were born. Take a look at some of more of them at Visual News.

Mother Daughter Art Space

Source: Visual News

Mother Daughter Art Process

Source: Visual News

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