7 of the World’s Most Memorable Moms

As Mother’s Day approaches, families nationwide will amass flower bouquets and pastel-colored Hallmark cards to celebrate the special mother (or mothers) in their lives. While most of us would gift a “World’s Best Mom” mug over brunch, there’s no doubt that all moms were not made equal. Love them, hate them or just can’t get enough of their antics, check out this list of the world’s most memorable moms.

Kate Middleton

Memorable Moms Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton captured the world’s attention when she married Prince William, the future King of England. The Duchess of Cambridge garnered even more of it with the birth of her son Prince George. By exiting the hospital wearing a dotted blue dress that unabashedly embraced the remnants of her baby bump, Middleton scored praise from mothers all over the world. Given the world’s ceaseless obsession with the British crown and the growth of its wearers, we expect that Middleton will be one of the world’s most memorable moms for decades to come.

Kate Middleton After Birth

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Wanda Pratt

In what has been named “one of the best MVP speeches of all time,” NBA star Kevin Durant took to the stage this past weekend to reveal that his life’s Most Valuable Player is, in fact, his mother. Wanda Pratt raised Durant and his brother in the expensive environs of Washington D.C., working hard to put food on the table. Sacrificing her time and energy, Wanda—who quickly earned the name Mama Pratt—invested hours upon hours into her sons’ futures. Now a successful public speaker and a fixture on the NBA sidelines, Wanda Pratt easily earns a place as one of the world’s most memorable moms.

Check out the full speech here (we recommend grabbing a box of tissues first):

Kevin Durant and Wanda Pratt

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Betty Draper

Betty Draper Mad Men Mother

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Though she exists only within the sets of AMC’s Mad Men, Betty Draper has made serious headlines for her parenting skills (or lack thereof). Viewers are disgusted with Betty’s cold, hardened parenting style that is both petty and toxic, prompting headlines that range from “Why do the Mad Men Writers Make Betty Draper Such a Monster?” to “Is Betty Draper the Worst TV Mom Ever?” Actress January Jones, who plays the unhappy housewife, is a real-life mom to Xander Dane Jones, who was born in 2011.

Check out this montage of Betty’s questionable parenting:

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