Pop culture and major media would have you believe that the US is in the throes of a major meth epidemic. But as usual, reality paints a different portrait.

Anti-drug advertisements like the Not Even Once campaign and major media coverage of meth abuse would have one believe that America is at war with toothless, murdering drug users. Meth is bad, plain and simple, but new studies suggest that it isn’t the epidemic of media portrayals. Here are the facts about meth use in the United States:

Meth Epidemic Crystal
Meth Epidemic Red Meth
Meth Epidemic Lab
Meth Epidemic Burns
This Is What The Meth Epidemic In America Looks Like
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For a more thorough explanation, be sure to check out the full-length documentary, American Meth, featured below for your convenience:


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Susan Sims
Susan Sims
When she's not fighting crime or cleaning the garbage disposal, you can find Susan writing about travel, science and things that go bump in the night.
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