The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization — more commonly referred to as UNESCO — has honored over 1,000 cultural and natural destinations around the world as World Heritage sites of “outstanding value to humanity.” But many of these UNESCO sites are under threat.

In the Middle East, 15 sites are officially designated as endangered. Some simply cannot endure the constant tread of tourists’ stampeding feet, but others are targets of ISIS campaigns of terrorism and vandalism. In Syria, all six of the country’s World Heritage sites are now endangered by the ongoing, atrocious civil war. The gallery below offers a tour through the Middle East’s 15 World Heritage sites that may not survive our troubled times:

Endangered Unesco Aleppo Fortress
Endangered Unesco Aleppo Mosque
Endangered Unesco Aleppo Destruction
Endangered Unesco Bosra Syria
15 Ancient, Incredible Middle East UNESCO Sites That Could Soon Be Destroyed
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