The World’s Most Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena

Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena: Nacreous Clouds

Bizarre Natural Phenomena Nacreous Clouds

Source: Wiki Commons

While the pastel-tinted pictures of nacreous clouds might seem more akin to an abstract artist’s thoughts on Spring than natural science, the clouds owe their pristine coloring to the stratosphere in which they reside. Alternately dubbed the “mother of pearl” cloud given its iridescent coloring, the nacreous cloud may only be found in the early evening or dawn and in particularly frigid regions at distances of 9 to 16 miles above ground.

So for all of you Loch Ness Monster hunters scaling the depths of Scotland’s Inverness, if you don’t end up discovering Nessie, just look up; you might bear witness to something just as mystical. Given the cloud’s peculiar shape, coloring and moments of visibility, many individuals who aren’t familiar with the cloud often mistake it for a UFO.

Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena Nacreous Clouds

Source: Wikipedia

Nacreous Clouds

Source: Leif Haugen

Bizarre Natural Phenomena Nacreous Cloud 4

Source: Tumblr

The World's Most Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena

Source: Tumblr

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