Moss Graffiti, Living Art

Moss graffiti is also used as a form of guerrilla gardening. This gardening movement began around the 1970’s as a way for people to reclaim and enliven dilapidated public spaces. Guerrilla gardening, which requires gardeners to plant on land that they are not legally given access to, can range from unsuspecting citizens accidentally planting on city land to political activists seeking change at a low cost.

Moss Graffiti Moss Gardens

Source: A Holman

Want to create your own eco-graffiti? There is a plethora of websites offering how-to instructions. Though the ingredients vary slightly from site to site, for most, you only need a few things: moss, a blender, yogurt (or buttermilk), sugar, and paint brushes. Remember, moss grows best in cool, damp spaces—a good fact to keep in mind when choosing where to grow your art.

Kiri Picone
Bay Area transplant Kiri Picone is a writer and marketer who loves bizarre news and the color purple.
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