The Prismatic Chambers Of The Nautilus House

Nautilus House Full Exterior

Source: Homesthetics

Looking more as though it belongs under the sea than it does in Mexico City stands an enigmatic residence that mirrors what we’ve come to call the “living fossil”. The Nautilus House was spawned from the mind of Arquitectura Orgánica architect Javier Senosiain. Senosiain has been working in organic architecture–the seamless blending of human habitation with the natural world–for some time, drawing much inspiration from the design work of Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Nautilus House Interior Stained Glass

Source: Via House

Senosiain bases his architectural layouts on organic forms and natural principles, incorporating local history and traditions into the fold. Senosiain strives to create harmony with nature in his designs, which is especially evident in his Nautilus House In 2006, a young Mexican family with two children had grown tired of living in a conventional home, and longed to dramatically reconnect with nature. Senosiain’s was the right person to call, as his creation melded modern architecture, contemporary art and notes of the natural into a home that is both visually stunning and utterly unique.

From the exterior, there is little doubt as to what this house resembles; the huge facsimile of a nautilus shell is easily discernible. The painted highlights ensure that the home won’t be mistaken for an onion or anything else of a similar shape. Imagine this modern work of art as a home straight out of the lost city of Atlantis.

Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly is a freelance writer, artist and video editor that splits her time between the humid Midwest and the dusty corners of her mind.
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