The Stunning Winners Of Nikon’s Small World Competition

November 26, 2012



Credit: Make It Green,

Pleurosigma (200x) by Michael J. Stringer

Taken from a mud sample on Two Tree Island in the River Thames, Pleurosigma marine diatoms are a very common algal phytoplankton.


Arabidopsis thaliana 

Credit: Photobucket,

Arabidopsis thaliana anther (20x) by Dr. Heiti Paves

The male reproductive organ of the tiny thale cress plant.


Anopheles gambiae

Credit: Vanderbilt University,

Anopheles gambiae heart (100x) by Jonas King

This image shows the incredibly intricate structure of a mosquito heart.


Chrysopa larva

Credit: WordPress,

Portrait of a Chrysopa larva (20x) by Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

The subject for this picture, a green lacewing larva, was caught after biting the photographer.


Blood Brain Barrier

Credit: Business Insider,

The blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo (20x) by Dr. Jennifer L. Peters & Dr. Michael R. Taylor

Using specially-bred fish and dyes to highlight particular areas of interest, this year’s winner illuminates the function and development of the blood brain barrier.

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