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How You Might Be Killed From A To Z

It was Benjamin Franklin who said that nothing in this life is certain save for death and taxes. And, a couple hundred years later, he’s still right. Watch as this dark (but funny) animated short takes on the former, providing you with an alphabet of ways you might die.

The Holi Festival, In Vibrant HD

Holi is a celebration of love, color, and the arrival of Spring. The festival is celebrated on the full moon closest to the vernal equinox, typically in late February or March. Now a global phenomenon, the Holi festival has its colorful and complex roots in Hindu tradition.

The story goes as follows: Prahlada was a young prince and heir to the throne of the Demon King, Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu was an arrogant king, demanding that all of his people worship him as a God. Prahlada, however, remained loyal to Lord Vishnu, one of the main heavy-hitters of the Hindu faith and a primary manifestation of the Divine.

Holi - Vishnu Slays Demon King.

Holi – Vishnu slays Demon King. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hiranyakashipu was furious that he did not hold his son’s favor. After numerous failed attempts to trick (well, to maim and murder) the prince into adulation of his father, the king sent his sister Holika after him.

Holi Festival

Holi festivalgoers throw colored dyes. Source: Holi One

Her plan was to wear a fireproof cloak and have the two of them sit on a pyre, but the protection of Vishnu was with Prahlada, and the cloak miraculously blew off of her, covering him. She burned to bits, of course. Like the festivals of the Pharmakos, Mardi Gras, and Carnival, the Holika bonfire that inaugurates the Holi festival is thanksgiving to Vishnu’s benevolence as well as a chance to purge oneself of past wrongdoings, grudges, and regrets– burning them away in the bonfire.

Woman receives facepaint at Holi.

Woman receives facepaint at Holi. Source: The Atlantic

The colored powders and paints are borrowed from another myth in which Krishna is poisoned by the breast milk of a she-demon, and is embarrassed to present his now tainted and discolored skin before the other young girls of the village, including his beloved Radha. Krishna’s mother says “May Radha paint your face any color she desires”, and indeed, Radha obliges. The two fall in love and wed.

A lovely message, a lovely bit of culture, a lovely faith- it’s a wonderful thing that Holi is spreading all over the world. It is important to remember that it’s a religious festival, but for the non-Hindu it can also be good, peaceful fun.

Tasman Island’s Dramatic Views

Tasman Island Australia

Once thickly forested, Tasman Island has since transformed into a barren plateau due to extended tree cutting and fires. Nevertheless, the remaining flora on this Australian island seem to be enough for the birds, seeing as a whopping 300,000-700,000 pairs of Fairy Prions calls Tasman home.