7 Spectacular Tiny Homes That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter

7 Amazing Tiny Homes

Source: Daily Mail

Tiny homes are sprouting up all over the world, in both highly urbanized cities and some of the earth’s most remote locales. For some people, the benefits are endless: tiny homes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and perfect for those who want to start living out and about in the world. Yet for the rest of us, tiny home living sounds adventurous–if not impossible–like we’ve swallowed one too many of Alice’s pills in Wonderland.

Yet for people who are looking to cut costs, today’s tiny homes boast not only a small up-front purchase price, but also cost a lot less to keep going. One tiny home costs just a few thousand dollars to build, and mere dollars to maintain.

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Fun Or Fear? School Playgrounds Around The World

playgrounds around world bhutan

Dechen Phodrang, Thimphu, Bhutan © James Mollison Source: Huffington Post

Many of us remember our school playgrounds as a much-welcomed reprieve from classroom doldrums, a place of sweaty-tendriled excitement, elaborate structures and the occasional scraped knee. But this vision is not universal.

School playgrounds can serve as a proxy indicator of a given place’s security, development and values, and thus may assume many physical forms depending on the area’s particular socioeconomic backdrop and cultural context. Birthplace is a matter of chance, and can often be the sole determinant of whether one grows up with opportunity and resources to seize it, or plays among garbage.

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Meet Annie Jump Cannon, Celestial Badass

Annie Jump Cannon Profile

Source: Wikipedia

In her lifetime, Annie Jump Cannon identified more than 500,000 stars. This is without a doubt a remarkable feat for anyone, least of all a young deaf woman who spent her 19th century childhood with her head not just in the clouds—but in galaxies.

Annie’s mother fostered her interest in astronomy when she was a child, teaching her to identify the constellations and making certain she had plenty of books to read on the subject. But how did the little girl with her eyes to the sky go on to become the lauded “Census Taker of the Stars?”

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Five Years After The Arab Spring, Where Are The Flowers?

Arab Spring 5 Years Later

In the winter of 2010, street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself on fire in protest of Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s authoritarian regime. While it would take decades of corruption, abuses of power and uneven economic growth in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries before a series of civil uprisings known as the Arab Spring would proliferate within the region, Bouazizi’s self-immolation, and the subsequent Tunisian responses, are often considered the multi-country movement’s official beginning.

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