Powerful Images From Fast-Food Worker Strikes

For the past two years fast-food workers around the world have been asking for two things: $15 per hour and the right to unionize without retaliation. The movement began in New York City, but it quickly spread across the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and even through the historically anti-union South.

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Fast Food Workers Protest Las Vegas

Fast food worker, Kris Varrette, is arrested at a Las Vegas protest. Source: Business Insider

fast food workers protest

Burger King employee Keisha King, 23, in Atlanta. Source: Mashable

Fast Food Protests Michigan

Jada Williams, 18, is arrested in Flint Michigan. Source: The Guardian

fast food workers protest

Source: NBC News

fast food workers protest

More than 100 fast food workers and dozens of other protesters were arrested during peaceful protests outside McDonald’s corporate headquarters Oak Brook, Illinois Source: Google

Stick together for $15 and a union

Source: SEIU

fast food workers protest

Long John Silver employee Antwon Brown, 31, in Atlanta. Source: AOL

Fast Food Workers Protest Chicago 2

Protest in Chicago. Source: Business Insider

Fast Food Workers Protest Chicago

Tyree Johnson is arrested at a Chicago Protest. Source: Daily Herald

fast food workers protest

Protest outside of a Phoenix McDonald's Source: Boston Herald

Fast Food Workers Protest South Florida

Source: CBS

Fast Food Workers Protest New York City

Workers block a street in TImes Square Source: Business Insider

Fast Food Workers Protest Tokyo

Fast-food workers from 33 countries around the world, including Japan, joined the strikes. Source: PRI

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Their argument is that $7.73 (the average hourly wage for a fast-food worker) is not a living wage. The median fast-food worker is about 28-years-old, and more than a fourth of those employed by fast-food chains have children. 70% work part time with something called “zero hour contracts.” This means employees are not guaranteed a set number of hours during any given week, and can be penalized with hour reduction for refusing to stay late or work on a day off, calling in sick, or participating in protests. This makes workers extremely dependent on their employers, as well as vulnerable to exploitation.

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Atacama Desert Valley

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