How William Sebold Took Down The Largest Nazi Spy Ring In U.S. History

How a civilian engineer became a World War II spy — twice — and stopped the Nazis that had infiltrated America’s borders.

William Sebold Duquesne Spy Ring

Double-agent William Sebold talks with Captain Fritz Joubert Duquesne, German spy, who was unaware that FBI agents were taping the whole episode behind a two-way mirror. FBI/Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

William Sebold never planned on becoming a spy, but fate had different plans.

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3 Famous People You Never Knew Had Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia keeps its victims anxious and often alone. But a fear of public spaces doesn’t necessarily mean agoraphobes won’t make an impact on public life.


Hunter McGinnis/Flickr

Mental illness does not discriminate. No matter your achievements or upbringing, the course of your life can be forever changed by “abnormal” amounts of chemicals in your brain.

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Inside The Remote Alaskan Town Almost All Under One Roof

How do the residents of Whittier, Alaska live and — perhaps more intriguingly — why do they choose to live this way?

Whittier, Alaska

Wikimedia Commons Whittier, Alaska.

If you have to go to the grocery store, the post office, the laundromat, or even the hospital or the police station, chances are that any one of those trips will involve a car, train, bus or bike ride.

But if you’re a resident of Whittier, Alaska, not just one of those trips, but all of them can be done in a very short walk that doesn’t even take you outdoors.

That’s because this peculiar town on Alaska’s southern coast is so remote and so constantly battered by inclement weather that almost the entire city — its residences, business, and public services — exists under one roof.

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