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Inside A Black Hole: Six Surreal Things That Might Happen

Inside A Black Hole Rendering

At the center of most galaxies lies a massive black hole. Image Source: NASA

Only “seen” when swallowing up an unfortunate gas cloud or wayward star, black holes remain an enigma. With one of these bodies at the center of most galaxies—including our own—many scientists spend their whole careers trying to understand what happens to objects that become entrapped in their startling gravitational pull. Once in its grasp, an object can only escape if it manages to travel faster than the speed of light, a feat considered nearly impossible. Without any actual experimentation possible, researchers can only speculate as to what would happen if an astronaut ever went inside a black hole. Here are some of the leading theories:

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Inside Kyoto, The City Of 10,000 Shrines

Colorful Kansai Japan Kamo River

The Kamo River in Kyoto is a popular location for boating and hiking. During summer months restaurants open their balconies that look out over the river, and many walk the trails that run along the river’s edge. Source: All World Towns

They don’t call Kyoto the “city of 10,000 shrines” for nothing. The ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto are located in what’s known as Japan’s Kansai region, where many emperors resided long ago. Immaculate shrines drape the region in timeless grandeur, and are made that much more splendid courtesy of the region’s natural beauty.

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Is The Study Claiming That All Women Are Bisexual Or Lesbians Worthless?

Results of a recent study made the rounds on the Internet this past week, tantalizing (and angering) social media users with the idea that women are “never straight,” but either bisexual or lesbians.


A clip from “Blue is the Warmest Color,” a film that generated its fair share of controversy for its portrayal of women. Image Source: YouTube

In a recent study meant to learn more about female sexuality, researchers at the University of Essex showed 345 female participants clips of naked men and women, and documented their responses — such as if their pupils dilated while watching the clips. Based on these observations, the Essex research team came to the conclusion that participants were extremely aroused by both sexes irrespective of their stated sexual orientation, and therefore wrote that the purely heterosexual woman does not exist.

“Even though the majority of women identify as straight, our research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, they are either bisexual or gay, but never straight,” said Dr. Gerulf Rieger, the leader of the study.

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