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What It Takes To Call Winter Storm Jonas A Blizzard

Snowfall Prediction

The National Weather Service snowfall projection. Image Source: National Weather Service

The northeastern United States is hunkering down for a potentially devastating winter storm this weekend. As Winter Storm Jonas approaches, meteorologists are predicting historic amounts of snow, with anywhere from 1 to more than 2 feet from Friday to Sunday. And while Washington D.C. and Baltimore are at the center of Jonas’ path, the entire Eastern seaboard has been told to prepare for the worst.

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What We Loved This Week Jan. 17 – 23

The harsh beauty of Greenland, Alaska, and Antarctica (where they’ve built an entire base on skis), plus epic vintage beards and hilariously hideous 1970s menswear.

Giant Beards 1

The beard has had limited historical popularity in Western culture, mostly only appearing in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, then again in the mid-Victorian period. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

The Giant, Epic Beards Of Times Past

Giant Beards 2

In the early 18th century, beards were often a sign of radical political views, such as socialism. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Say the word beard these days and most people will picture a furry-faced hipster showing off a year’s worth of untamed bristle. But back in the Victorian age, there existed a very real “beard movement.” A slew of articles celebrated the beard, including artist James Ward’s “Essay In Defense Of The Beard,” and T.S. Gowing’s “The Philosophy Of Beards.”

It wasn’t just a fashion statement, though: Believe it or not, doctors, who were starting to see the link between air quality and health, also encouraged patients to grow beards, claiming the hair would filter the smog-choked air of 18th century Britain. Modern doctors, however, disagree: Beards are actually a breeding ground for disease-carrying ectoparasites. See the spectacularly bearded men who lacked this knowledge at Vintage Everyday.

Giant Beards 3

The beard trend peaked in 1870, when almost half of all men wore untrimmed whiskers. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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Video Of The Day: Stacey Dash Calls For Black History Month To Be Scrapped

Yesterday, actress Stacey Dash put herself in hot water again when she declared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends that Black History Month–as well as the BET Network and any awards shows geared toward African-Americans–should be completely eliminated.

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The Surprising History Of Death In America

Where did our current funeral rituals come from, and as they fall out of fashion, what will we replace them with?


L.A.-based mortician and author Caitlin Doughty thinks we’ve got a lot wrong about death. Image Source: Wikipedia

Humankind has always been fascinated with death. Where faith helps answer the question of where our spirits go when we die, the funeral helps solve the problem of where our bodies go upon death. In the United States, we have a fairly strict and chaste relationship with death — specifically with regard to the funeral — though there are a few key voices calling for reform. One of those voices, both online and off, is Los Angeles mortician and author Caitlin Doughty, who weighed in with ATI on the history of burial practices in America and the problems it faces today.

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