Color, Chaos And Crime: Inside Brazil’s Favelas

In every conurbation in Brazil, all across the country, there exists a separate state-within-a-state that houses over 11 million of the nation’s poor. Over 6 percent of the country’s population lives in this archipelago of slums, which puts them almost entirely out of the authority of the central government. These are the favelas, and they are almost a foreign country that maintains a state of cold war with Brazilian officials.

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Favelas Nova Friburgo

If your neighborhood is ever used as a Call of Duty map, you might want to consider moving. Welcome to Favela Nova Friburgo, where residents place rain-collecting tubs on the rooftops because water service is unreliable and expensive. Source: Wikipedia

Favelas Long

Rio de Janeiro alone is home to over 1.4 million favela dwellers. Some of the larger neighborhoods sprawl over whole mountainsides and spill down into the lowlands. Source: Be Local

Favelas Vidigal Mountain Beach

Source: The Guardian

Favelas Chatting

Source: The Guardian

Favelas Vila Kids Soccer

Soccer is absurdly popular in Brazil. The country hosted the 2014 World Cup, which was ironically the occasion for radical slum clearance in Brazil. Also, note that the fantasy depicted in the mural is of—another favela where kids are playing soccer, but with a slightly higher-quality ball. Source: Reuters

Favelas Rocinha Police Occupation

Brazilians lead a 21-nation survey in reporting fear of their own police. Nationally, more than 80 percent of Brazilians are afraid of being tortured if they get arrested. On the other hand, can you imagine how badass you'd feel riding to the police station inside one of those? Source: Riot Times Online

Favelas Lone Tree

A tree grows 4,814 miles from Brooklyn. Source: Durian Blender

Favelas Tangled Wires

You'd be surprised how few mafias keep qualified electricians on the payroll. Many electrical wires in favelas are strung and maintained by "casual" organizations. Source: YY In Brazil

Favelas Santa Marta Beach

Favela Santa Marta was laid out before slum tourism was imaginable. Like many Brazilian slums, it is separated from the white sand beaches and expensive tourist hotels by several city blocks, a sharp rise in elevation, and a thick screen of trees. Source: Wikipedia

Favelas Do Moinho Skyscrapers

Source: Wikipedia

Favelas Rochina Tourist

Wealthy people from first world countries frequently enjoy visiting favelas before returning home and telling everybody how moving the slum conditions were. Surprisingly few of them are ever kidnapped for ransom. Source: Favelissues

Favelas Garbage Chute

Driving a garbage truck through the largely unpaved and highly irregular streets of Favela da Mineira is all but impossible. The solution is this large chute, which empties into portable bins. Cutouts permit access to loosen obstructions, which is easily the third- or fourth-most-depressing job on Earth. Source: Rio Real Blog

Favelas Vertical Street

Source: Vice

Favelas Not Detroit

Pictured: surprisingly not Detroit. Source: Johnson Matel

Favelas Panoramic View

Source: The Guardian

Favelas Police Logo

Source: The Guardian

Favelas Soldier And Kids

"Citizens! Be calm! You are now safe from street violence! Prepare for an airstrike!" Source: Black Women Of Brazil

Favelas Via Mimosa Prostitute

A low-profile participant in the Brazilian tourist industry takes a break for lunch in Via Mimosa, Rio's oldest red light district. Source: Wordpress

Favelas Starship Troopers

These men of Brazil's special police force are doing their part to provide security for the World Cup and defeat the Bug Menace. Join up today. Service guarantees citizenship! Source: Reddit

The only contact most residents of these favelas have with the government that theoretically represents them is the occasional police raid. Most are not provided with basic services, and violence is the only currency that passes between the mafia-ruled slums and the central authorities. The people of the favelas are on their own, in other words, and they’ve built up their communities as colorful, crowded and utterly unique city-states that have held their own against a hostile world for decades.

And then a more in-depth analysis of the violence in urban Brazilian slums:

Portraits Of Your Favorite Superheroes (In Flemish Style)

Artist Sacha Goldberger asked an important question: what would our favorite superheroes look like if Van Eyck had painted their portrait? Proudly posed, these often-reclusive superheroes (and supervillains) become exposed under the lights of the painter’s studio– we get to reimagine them as dukes and duchesses with 16th-century grace.

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The Joker by Sacha Goldberger

The Joker

Batman and Robin by Sacha Goldberger

Batman and Robin

Snow White, by Sacha Goldberger

Snow White

Flemish Alice by Sacha Goldberger

Flemish Alice, by Sacha Goldberger

Robin by Sacha Goldberger


Spiderman by Sacha Goldberger


Batman by Sacha Goldberger


Darth Vader by Sacha Goldberger

Darth Vader

Princess Leia by Sacha Goldberger

Princess Leia

Iron Man by Sacha Goldberger

Iron Man

The Hulk by Sacha Goldberger

The Hulk

Wonder Woman by Sacha Goldberger

Wonder Woman

Flemish Chewbacca by Sacha Goldberger

Flemish Chewbacca

Superman by Sacha Goldberger


Green Lantern by Sacha Goldberger

Green Lantern

C-3PO by Sacha Goldberger


Darth Maul by Sacha Goldberger

Darth Maul

Kato by Sacha Goldberger


Nemesis by Sacha Goldberger


Captain America by Sacha Goldberger

Captain America

Catwoman by Sacha Goldberger


Stormtrooper by Sacha Goldberger


Tusken Raider by Sacha Goldberger

Tusken Raider

Django Fett by Sacha Goldberger

Django Fett

Mounted Stormtroopers by Sacha Goldberger

Mounted Stormtroopers.

Boba Fett by Sacha Goldberger

Boba Fett

Jawa by Sacha Goldberger


Admiral by Sacha Goldberger

Admiral From Star Wars

Boushh by Sacha Goldberger


R2D2 by Sacha Goldberger


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Beautifully Designed Video Game Environments

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Video Game Environments Orochis Cave

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