Commodifying Nature: Ecotourism And Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

Osa Peninsula At Dusk

Man silhouetted against the dusk. Source: Julia de Guzman

The Osa Peninsula juts off southwestern Costa Rica and extends into the Pacific Ocean. Incredibly, at least half of all species living in Costa Rica can be found here. Corcovado National Park covers about a third of the peninsula and has been called “the most biologically intense place on Earth” by National Geographic. But to really understand what that means, you have to visit.

Osa Peninsula Golden Hour

Golden hour on the Osa Peninsula. Source: Julia de Guzman

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The White Queen: The Best “Queen Elizabeth” Who You Know Nothing About

White Queen Wiki

Source: Wikipedia

Of all the Queen Elizabeths in history, Elizabeth Woodville was definitely the most badass — which makes one wonder why she hasn’t received the same amount of attention as subsequent Elizabeths.

It might have something to do with the fact that the British monarchy hated her guts, mainly because they felt she used her feminine wiles to nab herself the king and was totally nepotistic after the crown was hers. Can you blame a girl for trying?

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Three Friends Take A “Joy Ride” In 1920s Ohio

Ohio Joy Ride 1924

Norman Rockwell would have a field day with this photo. Practically bleeding Americana, we see three friends taking a ride in a “new” car–realistically the vehicle is around 15 years old at this point–in rural Ohio.

Charles Pétillon’s “Invasions”: The Wackiest Way We’ve Seen Balloons Used

Balloon Invasions in Nature

Source: Ignant

In Charles Pétillon’s world, white balloons bloom in unsuspecting places, be it abandoned homes or a child’s play structure. Whether they pour from a basketball hoop or blossom within a scenic forest, the white balloons—which were chosen for their stark contrast against the landscape—create an aura of whimsical intrigue and absurdity.

Balloon Invasions by Charles Petillon

Source: Design Boom

Basketball Hoop of Balloons

Source: Ignant

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