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Why The World’s Greatest Minds Think Artificial Intelligence Is Humanity’s Greatest Threat

Terminator Genisys Robot

Is technology advancing toward Terminator: Genisys-style artificial intelligence? Image Source: Paramount Pictures

In 2014, the United States was feeling a sense of renewed vigor from the Edward Snowden revelations. It had been a year since the first top–secret NSA documents were published, Snowden was being charged under the Espionage Act, the U.S. government was trying to extradite him from Russia and Wired had just put him on the cover of their magazine. But one revelation could have the biggest repercussions of the entire Snowden affair: “MonsterMind”, a Skynet-esque cyber warfare program straight out of Terminator Genisys (just released on Blu-ray and Digital HD).

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This Is What The GOP Presidential Candidates Think About Women

The fourth GOP presidential debate is set to air tonight on FBN and, and will focus on issues related to the economy. Since women comprise nearly half of the US labor force, discussion of policies that work well for women should be part of the debate — but judging by these GOP candidates’ comments on women’s rights (and let’s not even get started on the bile that has come out of Donald Trump’s mouth), we’re not holding our breath:

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Inside Kyoto, The City Of 10,000 Shrines

Colorful Kansai Japan Kamo River

The Kamo River in Kyoto is a popular location for boating and hiking. During summer months restaurants open their balconies that look out over the river, and many walk the trails that run along the river’s edge. Source: All World Towns

They don’t call Kyoto the “city of 10,000 shrines” for nothing. The ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto are located in what’s known as Japan’s Kansai region, where many emperors resided long ago. Immaculate shrines drape the region in timeless grandeur, and are made that much more splendid courtesy of the region’s natural beauty.

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