Comics Worth Killing For: The Road To Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

Je Suis Charlie Vigil

Source: CTV News

As a satirical publication that’s poked fun at everyone from Muhammad and Jewish people to Jesus and Michael Jackson, Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to threats and controversy. Yet nobody could have predicted that three gunmen would burst into the newspaper’s weekly editorial meeting and start shooting this past Wednesday. Now, with 12 people dead and more injured, people are beginning to question the price of free speech.

Charlie Hebdo Supporters

Source: The Guardian

It all started back in 2006 when Charlie Hebdo ran a series of 12 pictures that depicted Muhammad as a caricature—including one picture that showed Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a burning fuse. Outrage came swiftly, and the issue’s editor was promptly sued by two Muslim organizations (though he was eventually acquitted).

Charia Hebdo

Source: Le Plus

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Thank Ralph McQuarrie–Not George Lucas–For The Star Wars Saga

Ralph McQuarrie Desert Droids

Images like this of the droids in the desert of Tatooine are instantly recognizable from the film.

With the seventh film in the Star Wars saga growing ever closer, buzz continues to grow. Rumors have swirled about that J.J. Abrams has gone back to the original concept art for his own inspiration, and as a result interest in the artist behind them is renewed.

Ralph McQuarrie Falcon Docked

Han Solo’s ship the Millennium Falcon docked at Mos Eisley Spaceport.

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These “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo” Cartoons Remind Us How Important Free Speech Is

In a 2012 TV interview Stéphane Charbonnier, the Editor in Chief of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, had this to say about his work: “our job is not to defend freedom of speech; but without [it], we are dead. I prefer to die than live like a rat.”

Two years later, twelve people–including Charbonnier–are dead after the magazine was allegedly attacked by Islamic extremists Wednesday morning in Paris, France.

Charlie Hebdo

The Charlie Hebdo issue that caused their offices to be torched in November, 2011. Source: Imgur

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The Most Amazing Nebulae Photos Ever Taken

Carina Nebula

This is the absolutely gigantic Carina Nebula. The infrared image taken using ESO’s VLT (Very Large Telescope and yes, that is the actual name) shows details and features previously unseen. Source: European Space Organization

A nebula is basically a giant cloud of gas found in space. The gas in question is mostly hydrogen mixed with helium, dust, other ionized gases and whatever else might be floating around way out there. There was a time when we used the term “nebula” to refer to any astronomical object that was too far away to see clearly, including star clusters and even galaxies.

Nebulae Photos Butterfly

This nebula is officially called NGC 6302, but it’s more popularly referred to as the Butterfly Nebula. Despite its delicate name, the wing-like areas are actually the result of a dying star casting off its gaseous shell during its final moments. Source: Space Telescope

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