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National Geographic Announces The Winners Of Its 2015 Traveler Photo Contest

2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Whale

“Whale Whisperers” by Anuar Patjane Floriuk. Says Floriuk, “Diving with a humpback whale and her newborn calf while they cruise around Roca Partida … in the Revillagigedo [Islands], Mexico. This is an outstanding and unique place full of pelagic life, so we need to accelerate the incorporation of the islands into UNESCO as [a] natural heritage site in order to increase the protection of the islands against the prevailing illegal fishing corporations and big-game fishing.”

Our favorite time of the year is here at last. This week, National Geographic presented the winners of the 2015 Traveler Photo Contest to the world, and we’ve been ogling ever since.

This year, National Geographic staff had to sift through over 17,000 submissions in order to select the lucky photographer who would win the competition and receive the grand prize, an eight-day expedition to Costa Rica and the Panama canal. The winning photo is presented above. Below are the remaining National Geographic top picks. Enjoy!

Second Place Winner: “Gravel Workmen,” Faisal Azim

2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Bangladesh

“[This] gravel-crush working place remains full of dust and sand. Three gravel workmen are looking through the window glass at their working place. Chittagong, Bangladesh.” – Faisal Azim

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Behind The Scenes At The World Muslim Beauty Pageant

Miss muslimah tour bus

The 2014 competition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Contestants are visiting Borobudur, an old Buddhist temple. Source: Monique Jaques

Before you ask if there’s a swimsuit competition, you should know that the Miss World Muslimah pageant is about much more than superficial definitions of beauty.

As Islam tends to place a high value on modesty, this contest focuses less on beauty’s physical aspects and more on its ideational ones: in this pageant, strength of character, intelligence, and piety matter most.

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Banksy’s Backyard: The Upfest Graffiti Festival

Banksy graffiti festival eye

An all-seeing eye on the Bristol Beer Factory gazes out over the festivities. Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

After years of international media coverage, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Europe’s largest, free, graffiti and street art festival would take place in Bedminster and Southville, Bristol–also known as renown street artist Banksy’s hometown.

Over the course of three days, more than 250 artists from 25 countries head to Bristol to paint the façades of 28 buildings offered up to the festival by local businesses.

The event, known asUpfest, recently concluded another successful year. Approximately 25,000 visitors were treated to art workshops, live music, and affordable art sales – in addition to the opportunity to take in the spectacle of the massive murals adorning local buildings.

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Reject The Plan: The Defiant Curves Of The Ordos Museum

In 2011, MAD architects commenced a project to build a museum in Ordos, China. Located in inner Mongolia, architects conceived of the museum’s design as a reaction to the rigidity imposed by master plans.

Learn more about the building’s lines of defiance in the architectural firm’s description below:

Conceived as a reaction to the strict geometry of the master plan, the Art & City museum by MAD Architects is an amorphous building that seems like it has landed on the earth. Its surrounding dunes, monumental stairways and belvederes have been generated from the empty Gobi desert which was here just a few years ago.

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