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Photo Of The Day: NASA Releases Crystal-Clear Image Of Pluto

New Photos Of Pluto

Image Source: USA TODAY

On September 10th, NASA released this sharp, close-up photo of Pluto, captured by the New Horizons spacecraft during its flyby in July. Earlier this summer, NASA released another stunning image of the dwarf planet, which was then the most detailed photo of Pluto the world had ever seen.

This new high-resolution image, which captures an expanse approximately 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) across and was taken from a perspective above Pluto’s equatorial area, demonstrates the planet’s landscape may be more complex than we thought.

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Photo Of The Day: 5-Month-Old Baby Pulled From Nepal Earthquake Rubble

Baby Pulled From Nepal Earthquake

Image Source: CNN

Five-month-old Sonies Awal was among 8 million people who were affected by Nepal’s devastating earthquake in late April. Miraculously, the infant was rescued covered in dust with barely a scratch.

But there haven’t been many survivor stories and happy endings.

The earthquake has become the nation’s worst natural disaster, killing more than 8,000 people, and leaving thousands of others injured. As many work on piecing their lives back together, NGOs have swarmed into the country, bringing aid and supplies, supporting earthquake relief efforts.

For more on Nepal post-earthquake, check out our gallery here.

I Am Revenge: The Unheard Stories Of Female Vigilantes

Female Vigilantes Mexico

A female vigilante squad in Xaltianguis, Mexico. Image Source: Katy Orlinsky

It would be an understatement to say that American audiences love the idea of vigilante justice. From the obsidian-cloaked Bruce Wayne to Frank Underwood’s signature House of Cards sneer, contemporary pop culture and media landscapes are inundated with the image of an individual using his own hands to effect his vision of justice.

And that’s just the problem: fiction or not, the protagonists of popular vigilante justice stories are usually men.

When it comes to recent film and television, only The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Kill Bill feature female vigilantes as their justice-seeking protagonists. Several other lists of vigilante-themed stories mention women less than five percent of the time.

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What We Love This Week, Volume CXXXIX

The Ferocious Beauty Of Iceland’s Volcanoes

Swedish photographer and geologist Frederick Holm has spent years hunting down volcanic eruptions across Iceland. Why someone would spend so much time in such a forbidding place doing such dangerous work becomes abundantly clear when you see the raw, ferocious beauty of these volcanic eruptions up close. Holm has captured smoke plumes that look as if they’ve come from a painter’s brush, sparks that outdo any fireworks show we could ever create, and lava flowing off mountainsides just like a waterfall. For more, visit The Washington Post.

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