The Ship Breakers Of Bangladesh

July 6, 2014

Shipbreakers Bangladesh

Taking on beached oil tankers and ships, ship breakers expose themselves to asbestos, lead and other toxic materials as they attempt to break down the supposedly unsinkable. In the developed world, the process of scrapping ships is more regulated — and therefore more expensive. That’s why most of the breaking is done in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

Once the vessels have been gutted, laborers use torches to slice the remaining bits into pieces. Unsurprisingly, many of these people are crushed by falling pieces of metal or suffocate in the ship. But due to ship breaking’s highly profitable nature and the destitution of those working on them, little has been done to ameliorate the situation. You can learn more about these men and their plight at National Geographic.

Horace Greasley: How To Escape A POW Camp Over 200 Times

July 6, 2014
Horace Greasley Portrait

Pte. Horace “Jim” Greasley (Hey, you try to come up with a nickname for Horace) Source: Wikipedia

Horace Greasley, known as Jim to his friends, joined the British army in 1939. His regiment landed in Normandy, and while the rest of the army retreated to Dunkirk, he and his comrades were ordered to stay behind and fight off the advancing Germans. Soon the exhausted regiment was cornered after they dared to grab a nap in a barn south of Lille, France.

They surrendered and were forced to march for ten weeks to Holland. Many of his fellow soldiers died during the trek; Greasley survived by eating plants and insects by the roadside, and by the food that the occasional villager would sneak to the men as they passed by. They then took a three-day train ride without food or water to reach a prisoner-of-war camp in Poland.

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Stunning Time Lapse Shows The Beauty In The [Natural] Breakdown

July 5, 2014

Don’t worry; this isn’t a trailer for another Zach Braff film. Rather, it’s footage of nature’s power and beauty in the form of erosion. Using only the elements and time, Mother Nature has sculpted some truly remarkable works.