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Your World This Week, Jan. 17 – 23

This week in tech: Apple stays white, Netflix disappoints millions, Silicon Valley is exacerbating income inequality, and the tech industry is starting to see the red.

Apple Board Rejects Racial Diversity Hiring Proposal

Apple Executives

Apple’s current senior executive team. Image Source: Apple

Fifteen of the 18 people that make up Apple’s executive team are white men. The same goes for five of the eight people that make up the company’s board of directors. Sadly, this is not at all unusual among America’s corporate giants today. However, what is more unusual is that Apple has now gone on the record as suggesting that they have no problem with this lack of diversity and will make no conscious efforts to change it.

A recent Apple shareholder proposal called for a new recruitment policy to increase the presence of women and minorities among Apple’s white male-dominated upper echelon. And the board of directors rejected it. Their response called the proposal “unduly burdensome” and “not necessary.”

Granted, when Apple released its last diversity report in August (which showed very minimal change in female and minority hiring from 2014 to 2015), CEO Tim Cook wrote, about diversity at Apple, “we know there is a lot more work to be done.” We’ll see if the backlash the company is receiving over this recent proposal’s rejecection inspires any such work. Read more at the Independent.

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Video Of The Day: Muhammad Ali’s 10 Most Awe-Inspiring Knockouts

Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most celebrated boxer in history as well as a cultural force outside the ring, turns 74 today. Born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky, Ali developed a passion for boxing at an early age, went on to become an Olympic gold medalist in 1960, and then the world heavyweight boxing champion in 1964.

Known for his bold public persona both on and off the canvas, Ali called himself “The Greatest.” Watch this astounding Muhammad Ali knockouts video, compiling the ten best knockouts of his career, and see for yourself.

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