Vintage Shots From The Golden Age Of Air Travel

Stewardesses and crew posing air travel

Stewardesses and pilots pose for a photo before boarding. Source:

In the years after World War II, the United States was flying high, and the so-called Golden Age of air travel is a testament to that. Airline technology became more streamlined, and airliners pampered customers to the point where it did actually seem as if they were king. Comfort and luxury were of paramount importance (if you could afford it), and there is no better evidence than these photos:

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Golden Age Air Travel Couches

Large couches for air travelers, without seatbelts.

Golden Age Air Travel Sleep

A comfortable place to catch a nap on an early airliner.

Golden Age Air Travel Kids

Kids on an airplane in the early days of air travel, 1960s.

Golden Age Air Travel Waiter

A waiter takes drink orders in the air.

Fancy Cabin

The palatial interior of an early commercial airliner.


Some early airliners had bunkbeds for air travelers.

Ladies in fur boarding airplane

Ladies in fur prepare to board.

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Dynamic Bodyflight: Indoor Skydiving At Its Best

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Arthur Conan Doyle Pipe

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