4 Real U.S. Government Alien Research Projects Straight Out Of “The X-Files”

Are aliens real? Some people really, really want to believe. Here are the real government initiatives (and one compelling probable hoax) that these believers use in making their case that aliens do exist.

Are Aliens Real


With the Juno spacecraft’s recent and much-celebrated entrance into Jupiter’s orbit, it seems that neither NASA nor its federal government funders have lost interest in exploring the far reaches of the galaxy.

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Why Your Office Is Slowly Killing You — And What To Do About It

Work can do more than dampen your spirits — it can make you physically sick.

Sick Building Syndrome Open Office


While the daily drudgeries of office life are enough to make anyone a bit soul sick, sometimes the workplace can actually make you physically ill. It’s aptly called “sick building syndrome,” and it can directly affect your productivity. Here are six ways that our office buildings are slowly damaging our health and sanity.

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