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How We Invented Childhood

Think of childhood. Not necessarily your childhood, but the idea of being a kid in general. What comes to mind? Playing? Curiosity? Imagination? Innocence?

These are all common, if not cliché, notions of what it means to be a child. You play, you learn, you imagine and you are kept sheltered from the dangers of the world for as long as possible. The adults in your life don’t want to rip you from that childhood naiveté; in fact, they love keeping you there. They want you to remain sweet and to remain untainted—to simply be a child.

That notion of childhood, however, is one we completely and utterly made up. Continue Reading

Apartment Of Madness: The Mysterious Life Of Oleg Mitasov

Oleg Mitasov Interior

The interior of Oleg MItasov’s apartment in Kharkov, Ukraine.

It was the day that Oleg Mitasov was to receive his Doctor of Philosophy in Economics. With his dissertation typed up and in hand, Mitasov headed out to give his defense at the university in Kharkov, Ukraine. Mitasov hopped on a tram to the university, but when he arrived, his dissertation did not.

By the time Mitasov realized he had left his paper on the tram, it was too late. Mitasov would never have the honor of being called a “doctor.” According to local legend, it was at this moment that Mitasov experienced a mental breakdown, and one which would give way to a number of bizarre writings and drawings that Mitasov soon produced in his Kharkov apartment.

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21st Century Nomads: Life In The Mongolian Steppe

Mongolia Nomads Camels Horse

Source: John Schellhase (Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Despite the draw of the city, hundreds of thousands of Mongolians continue to preserve a way of life that goes back at least a millennium. These nomadic families still drive their herds across the vast steppes of what is the world’s most sparsely populated country after Greenland. The herds live off the land, and the nomads live off the milk and meat of their animals.

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Photo Of The Day: An Iceberg Off The Coast Of Newfoundland

Iceberg Off Of Newfoundland

Image Source: Reddit

Located off the east coast of Canada is Newfoundland, a large island that forms one of the four Atlantic provinces of the nation, which also include Labrador. The island is known for producing some of the world’s most breathtaking icebergs.

Every spring and early summer, about 25,000-40,000 icebergs break off from glaciers in western Greenland. The icebergs then propel their way into the Labrador Current and travel for about two to three years to the eastern edges of Newfoundland and Labrador to become grounded off these remote coasts.

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