Globalization Can’t Be All That Bad If It Gives Us Hot Air Balloon Festivals Like This

Colorful Balloon Festival

A colorful collection of hot air balloons before takeoff. Source: Vaud

This January marks the 37th anniversary of Switzerland’s International Hot Air Balloon week held in Château-d’Oex. Organizers report that over 80 hot air balloons from 20 countries will participate in the event, which lasts from January 24, 2015 through early February.

The International Hot Air Balloon festival got its start in 1979, when 12 balloons from five countries gathered to promote Château-d’Oex at the suggestion of Hans Brücker. The festival grew over the years, and in 1999, the first hot air balloon to navigate around the globe without stopping left from Château-d’Oex. These days the festival hosts a number of special events and contests, drawing balloonists from all over the world. The festivities include a children’s-themed day, contests, Special Shape balloons and a night show with fireworks and music.

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Nothing Says Happy New Year Like 13 Tons Of Candy

Craig & Karl

Source: designboom

They’re calling it a candy carpet, and it’s taking over China. Artists Craig & Karl teamed up with Hong Kong creative studio AllRightsReserved to build “Sweet as One,” a lighthearted candy installation that features blooming flowers, pandas and colorful patterns. Constructed out of 13 tons of candy, the installation was built to celebrate the Chinese New Year and–as odd as it may seem–to draw attention to the plight of underprivileged children in rural areas.

13 Tons of Candy Art

Source: designboom

Candy Installation Up Close

Source: Co.Design

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“Für Elise” As Played On Five Guitars

No, it’s not necessarily the most practical way to play the Beethoven classic, but since when has art ever been about practicality?

Hysteria Revisited: The Satanic Panic Of The 1980s

Satanic Panic Joe

Source: Tumblr

Imagine a cultural phenomenon, arising out of nowhere, which has the ability to unite conservative evangelical Protestants with feminists, police investigators, psychologists, conspiracy theorists, social workers, victim advocates, psychic mediums, anti-pornography crusaders, talk-show hosts, aspiring politicians, and the tabloid media.

Now imagine this cultural phenomenon has just conspired to throw you in prison on the charge that you’ve been ritualistically murdering babies who were conceived and born specifically for the purpose of being sacrificed to the devil. Such was the cultural climate in the United States during the Satanic Panic of the 1980s.

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