Why Crashing A Plane Isn’t So Easy

Pilot staying awake over ocean

An Australian pilot stays awake and alert over the monotonous sea. Source: Reuters

Planes are terrifying, right? A mix of exhilaration and sheer terror lingers in the mind when sitting on the runway, waiting for takeoff– how could something weighing over 400 tons with thousands of miles of electrical cable and 250 human beings inside of it simply launch into the sky and stay there? If you’ve got a window seat near the wing, it’s likely you’ll spend a good amount of that time examining the engine case for loose screws and hoping your pilot has gotten a good night’s sleep.

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25 Fun Penguin Facts In Honor Of World Penguin Day

Whether they’re using icebergs as a slip and slide or hovering over their chicks to provide warmth, penguins are one of the most adorable bird species around. They are also one of the most fascinating.

In honor of World Penguin Day, we’ve rounded up these 25 penguin facts you probably didn’t know. So put aside all of your preconceived notions about penguins—we know you’ve watched at least one of the many penguin movies out these days—and see what makes these birds so interesting.

Can’t get enough of the penguins? Check out these hilarious penguin bloopers:

What We Love This Week, Volume XCIX

Smart Screens Obama

U.S. soldiers take pictures of President Barack Obama in Seoul, South Korea. Source: The Atlantic In Focus

Our Screen-Obsessed World

Smart Screens Tribe

A Guarani Nandeva tribe member stands guard in Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil Source: The Atlantic In Focus

Ever heard of nomophobia? Even if you haven’t come across the name, chances are you already know what it is. The ailment, or fear of being without one’s smartphone, affects a sizable chunk of sampled populations, and its consequences are just beginning to be studied. What we do know is that the advent of smartphones is not one whose effects can be seen in just the technological sphere; it has dramatic implications for the way we experience the world and our daily lives. From protests in Hong Kong to fashion runways to the bedroom (in one recent study one in ten participants admitted to having used their phone during sex), the smartphone has managed to embed itself into the most mundane and unanticipated spaces. Check out this series at The Atlantic In Focus to learn more.

Smart Screens Masks

A penitent called “Morion” checks his phone in the central Philippines Source: The Atlantic In Focus

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The Face Churchill Made Upon Winning World War Two

Churchill German Surrender

Winston Churchill with his Chiefs of Staff in the garden of 10 Downing Street, 7 May 1945. Seated, left to right: Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal; Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke; Winston Churchill; Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham. Standing, left to right: Major General L C Hollis; General Sir Hastings Ismay

On May 7, 1945 Germany issued an unconditional surrender at Allied Headquarters in Reims, France, one week after Adolf Hitler committed suicide during the Battle of Berlin.

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