Indonesia Approves Chemical Castration, Death Penalty For Sex Offenders Targeting Children

Chemical Castration Indonesia Pedophiles

Indonesian policemen escort teenage suspects prior to their trial in Curup, Bengkulu province on May 10, 2016. Seven Indonesian teenagers were jailed on May 10 for the brutal murder and gang rape of a 14-year-old girl that sparked a national debate on sexual violence. DIVA MARHA/AFP/Getty Images

Indonesia just approved a severe new batch of punishments for sex offenders who target children, including chemical castration and death.

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35 Ellis Island Immigration Photos That Capture American Diversity

As a clerk at Ellis Island from 1892-1925, Augustus Sherman was in a unique position to document countless immigrants as they attempted to gain entrance into the United States. The untrained photographer had an undeniable natural talent: Even with bulky cameras and the time-consuming exposure process they required, Sherman was able to take more than 200 photos — of subjects typically detained for interrogation — that reveal as much about the subjects’ fears as they do the diverse reality of our national heritage:

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Albanian Soldier

An Albanian soldier.

Some hopeful immigrants could be held on Ellis Island for days, or even weeks, before being approved or deported.

Algerian Man

An Algerian man in traditional apparel.

Immigrants were given free meals upon arriving — in most cases introducing them to new foods such as bananas and ice cream.

Ellis islanf immigrant portraits Alsace Lorraine

Photo identified as 'Girl from the Kochersberg region near Strasbourg, Alsace" (circa 1905).

Bavarian Man

Wilhelm Schleich, a miner from Hohenpeissenberg, Bavaria (circa 1905).

Cossack Steppes

Cossack man from the steppes of Russia.

With the U.S. attitude toward becoming increasingly negative, World War I marked the end of mass immigration to America.

Danish Man

Peter Meyer from Svendberg, Denmark, age 57. April 30, 1909.

Dutch Family

Three Dutch protestant women identified as "Mother and her two daughters from Zuid-Beveland, province of Zeeland, The Netherlands" (circa 1905).

Dutch Siblings

Identified as "Dutch siblings from the Island of Marken, holding religious tracts" (circa 1905).

Dutch Woman

Photo identified as "Protestant woman from Zuid-Beveland, province of Zeeland, The Netherlands."

Fancy Dresses

Three women from Guadeloupe in fancy dress.

Ellis Island immigrant portraits German Stowaway

A tattooed German stowaway allegedly deported in May 1911.

Greek Priest

Rev. Joseph Vasilon, a Greek-Orthodox priest (circa 1905).

Greek Soldier

A Greek evzone, which is a member of a light infantry unit in the Greek army.

Greek Woman

A Greek woman in June 1909.

Guadeloupean Woman

A Guadeloupean woman, 1911.

About 700 immigrants passed through on the very first day of Ellis Island’s operation, January 1, 1892.

Gypsy Family

A Romani family. The Romani are sometimes referred to as Gypsies.

Italian Headdress

A young Italian woman. (circa 1906).

Eighty percent of immigrants were processed and approved in just a number of hours.

Italian Woman

An Italian woman.

The highest number of immigrants to arrive on Ellis Island in a single day was 11,747, on April 17, 1907.

Lapland Children

Swedish children in Lapland costume.

Norwegian Woman

Originally titled "Swedish woman," the title was changed when it was noticed that the woman's clothing originated from the west coast of Norway.

Rattvik Girl

A young Swedish girl from the Rattvik providence of Dalarna.

Romanian Piper

A Romanian immigrant poses with his instrument.

Romanian Shepherd

Romanian shepherd (circa 1906).

As opposed to wealthier arrivals, poor passengers were detained on the island for physical inspections and further legal questioning.

Romanian Women

Two Romanian women.

Russian Cossacks

Russian Cossacks, armed and in full dress.

Ruthenian Woman

A traditionally dressed Ruthenian woman, who would now be known as Ukrainian.

Sami Laplander

A Laplander woman from Finland (circa 1905).

Scottish Boys

Three young Scottish boys.

Serbian Gypsies

Captioned "Hungarian Gypsies all of whom were deported," this photo appeared in The New York Times on February 12, 1905.

Shepherd Pipers

Romanian shepherds, one proudly posing with his pipe.

Slovak Family

A Slovak woman with her children.

To accommodate the dietary requirements of Jewish immigrants, a kosher kitchen was built in 1911.

Slovakian Women

Three Slovakian women.

It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of U.S. citizens can trace at least one ancestor back to Ellis Island.

Three Cossacks

Three Russian Cossacks.

Many famous people were processed at Ellis Island, including Charlie Chaplin, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Charles Atlas, and Irving Berlin.

Turkish Man

"Turkish bank guard John Postantzis, Feb 9, 1912."

The last person to pass through Ellis Island was a Norwegian merchant seaman by the name of Arne Peterssen in 1954.

Hindu Boy

A print of this image reads, "Thumbu Sammy, aged 17, Hindoo ex SS 'Adriatic', April 14, 1911."

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