You’ll Be Blown Away By This Year’s Landscape Photographer Of The Year

Winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year

Source: AOL

Photo contests unearth some of the world’s most incredible images, whether the contest be hugely popular like the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, or more obscure like the International Drone Photography Awards. The winning images from this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year contest are no less impressive. Ranging from mountain sunrises, snowy settings to geometric urban shots, this landscape photography will make you fall in love with Mother Nature all over again.

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Chicago Guerrilla Artist Fills Potholes With Mosaic Flowers

The city of Chicago is best known for its terrible weather, inferior pizza, and, now, enormous potholes. Local guerrilla artist Jim Bachor has begun filling some of the city’s gaping road holes with mosaic flowers in an attempt to draw attention to the problem.

If you’re in Chicago and want to see can see Bachor’s art in person, he keeps a list of the locations of his street art on his website, and a new exhibition featuring his mosaic works called “Jentaculum” opened in early November, 2014 at The Packet Schopf Gallery.

Chicago As Seen Through A Canon 5D

Taken over the course of two years, Eric Hines presents the energy, architecture and movement of Chicago in an absolutely thrilling way. As the city changes, Hines says that his fascination with Chicago grows. We can tell.

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