50 Motivational Quotes To Live By In 2015 And Beyond

Inspire your life and get ready to conquer the world with these fifty motivational quotes to live by:

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10 2014 Discoveries You Should Know About

With every passing year the world around us grows, and our understanding of its history widens. In 2014, this included everything from a probe landing on a comet to the detection of ancient monuments underneath Stonehenge’s Salisbury plain. Here are some of the definitive scientific discoveries of the year, just in case you missed them.

ESA Probe Lands On Comet

2014 Discoveries Rosetta Comet

One of the first pictures sent back from comet 67P. Source: Wired

On November 12th, the Philae lander launched by The European Space Agency (ESA) came to rest on the comet known as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, ten years after leaving Earth for its mission. Even though the lander went into hibernation in an unknown shadowed area, it is still collecting information and has sent back a precious few pictures via the orbiting Rosetta spacecraft’s camera, OSIRIS. Along with the images, we have learned that the comet contains carbon, one of the basic building blocks for life on Earth.

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We’re All Addicted To The Internet: Here’s Its History

The Internet has become a cultural mainstay bordering on absolute necessity for billions of people. But how much do we actually know about its history? Munich, Germany-based graphic designer Melih Bilgil gives us the basics in this fascinating animated documentary.

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