20 Ridiculous Laws Around The World

June 27, 2014
Ridiculous Laws Email USA

Source: ALTN

1. In the US, it’s legal for authorities to access any 180-day old email without a warrant. This law came into effect in 1986 under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The provision classifies those old e-mails as “abandoned”, which means that all authorities need to access them is a subpoena.

Ridiculous Laws Women Saudi Arabia

Source: ABC

2. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for any woman to drive a car. Oh, and divorce on all grounds is illegal; in 2008, a court wouldn’t allow an 8-year-old girl divorce from her 58-year-old husband. Basing much of its law on Sunni Islam and tribal customs, the World Economic Forum’s 2009 Global Gender Gap Report ranked the peninsular country 130th out of 134 for gender parity.

3. Unfortunately, in 29 states in the US it is still legal to fire someone for being gay. And in 33 states, it’s legally A-OK to fire someone for being transgender.

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What We Love This Week, Volume LXXI

June 27, 2014
Indonesia Village Boy Bird

Source: Bored Panda

Photographer Herman Damar Highlights Everyday Life In Indonesian Villages

Indonesia Village Learning

Source: Bored Panda

Taking his camera to villages just outside of Jakarta, Indonesia, photographer Herman Damar reveals a world unbeknownst to many of us. Children splash about the water, playing with each other in ways that, according to Damar, are “unspoiled” by technology. Most of the photos are organic, but on occasion Damar would ask the subjects to pose a certain way. For more glimpses into this “other world”, be sure to visit Bored Panda.

Indonesia Village Fishing

Source: Bored Panda

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Poplar Trees Light Up Northern Oregon

June 26, 2014
Poplar Trees Northern Oregon

Source: 500PX

Growing quickly and dying relatively young, the poplar tree is the James Dean of trees. What’s with the name? Back in Roman times, the trees were frequently planted around public–or popular–meeting places, giving rise to its scientific genus name of Populus.