ATI Presents Our Most Interesting Articles Of 2014

China’s Massive Pollution Problem

This past November, China made waves when it brokered a deal with the United States to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030. And given the fact that China’s air pollution has led to the nickname “smogpocalypse”, that deal makes a good degree of sense. We explore the Chinese pollution problem through photos, and it has been one of our most successful posts to-date. Check it out!

1950s and 60s Egypt: When Arab Modernity Allowed Bikinis

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Banned In America: Books, Films, Ads And More

Banned in America The Interview

Source: dlreporter

There’s been no shortage of commentary about Sony’s decision to halt the release of The Interview. From Obama to more than a handful of Hollywood’s finest, everyone has an opinion about whether the controversial film should be released despite the threats (no matter how spurious these threats are becoming). Of course, censorship is nothing new. These books, movies, advertisements, toys and ideas have all been banned in America at one point or another.


Original Scarface Film Banned

Source: Seven Art

Due to its grisly violence and glorification of crime, the original Scarface was banned in five states and five additional cities. Based on a book by Armitage Trail, the 1932 film was directed by Howard Hughes, and was one of the original films to feature a Thompson submachine gun (aka tommy gun).

Gone With The Wind

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