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Video Of The Day: A German Carpenter Has Invented An On/Off Switch For Your Testicles

The flow of sperm in humans can now be flipped on and off with the simple flip of a switch. A German carpenter named Clemens Bimek claims that he has invented a revolutionary form of contraception: an on and off valve to control the flow of sperm from the testicles.

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9 Famous Americans You Won’t Believe Have Been Banned From The U.K.

Some of America’s favorite pop singers, boxers, and reality TV stars have been banned from entering the United Kingdom. Here’s why…

Americans Banned From Uk

There’s no doubt that over the course of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made some enemies. Other candidates, Fox News anchors, and, just recently, even Samuel L. Jackson have all made a stand against The Donald. Now, the entire United Kingdom is debating whether enough is enough with the real estate mogul turned reality star turned presidential candidate.

To date, more than 550,000 people have backed a petition asking Trump to be banned from the country, which is a record number for the government’s petition website. And the government is taking notice. Parliament will now discuss whether or not to ban Trump from the country, using his statements against Muslims after December’s San Bernardino shooting (which were simply more in a long line of absurd Donald Trump quotes) as cause.

If the ban goes through, it wouldn’t be the first time a high-profile American was kept out of the U.K. But, unlike Trump, some of these other Americans banned from entering Britain might surprise you.

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How To Buy The Presidency: Four Absurd, Corrupt U.S. Electoral Laws And Processes

From institutional racism and corporate machinations to government incompetence, these four elements of our electoral process explain why it’s not the people who actually choose the president.

Us Electoral System Presidents

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

With the start of 2016, election year is now upon us.

While you certainly know that, come November, we’ll elect our next president, what you may not know–or may have blocked out of your mind–is that January 6, 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of a rather important moment in the history of U.S. elections.

On January 6, 2001, after one of the closest presidential races the U.S. had ever seen—and a long recount mired in controversy, only to be ended by an order from the Supreme Court—Congress declared George W. Bush the official winner of the 2000 presidential election. As a result of contested Florida ballots, this declaration occurred more than five weeks after the election had taken place.

Outside of Congress, among the average Americans who had gone out to the polls five weeks before, what made this result so astounding was that Bush’s opponent, Al Gore, had actually won the popular vote–yet he was not elected. However, when the Supreme Court ended the Florida recount, that state’s 25 votes in the electoral college (more on that later) went to Bush, giving him the victory in the electoral college, and thus the presidency. As crazy as that all sounds, it was actually the third time that a presidential candidate had won the popular vote and lost the election.

The U.S. electoral system is full of unbelievable, shall we say, “quirks” that disrupt the integrity and the basic logic of the democratic process. From the Electoral College to absurd voter restrictions, these laws and processes actually help decide who will run our country. Starting with the electoral college that gave Bush his victory 15 years ago, here are four of the most unbelievable U.S. election laws…

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5 Unbelievable Times Teddy Roosevelt Cheated Death

Theodore Roosevelt spent his whole life cheating death. Death came to Roosevelt 97 years ago today — but judging by his wild ventures, it should have come a lot sooner.

Teddy Roosevelt Elephant Hunt

Roosevelt on an elephant hunt. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Teddy Roosevelt was the Extraordinary Gentleman of American history. In addition to living an absurdly accomplished life – which included, among other things, becoming the youngest man to become president, the first American to win a Nobel Peace Prize, and being awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor – he set the template for the all-conquering hero whose answer to most problems is to roll up his sleeves and punch the world into submission. While this sounds cool in theory, the world usually punches back – much harder.

So it was that Theodore spent virtually his entire life in a staring contest with death. Over and over, Roosevelt strolled right into situations that likely would have killed anybody else, only to emerge stronger and more determined…

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