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What Obama’s Executive Order On Gun Control Really Means

Gun Control Executive Order

President Obama has taken matters into his own hands with an executive order that changes who can access guns. Image Source: Flickr

It would be an understatement to say gun control laws have caused a rift in American politics over the past few years. Political parties, TV stations and people on social media have already chosen their sides, and it appears as if coming to a compromise is all but impossible. There is, however, one area of gun safety legislation that almost everyone agrees on: laws need to be made to make it harder for criminals and the mentally unstable to obtain firearms.
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Five Fascinating People Who Inspired Your Favorite Fictional Characters

More of fiction’s most famous characters than you’d ever guess were actually inspired by real people, from the world’s most beloved detective to Hollywood’s creepiest serial killer. Many of those real people are nothing like you might imagine…

Famous Character Inspirations

Clockwise from top left: Norman Bates, Sherlock Holmes, Professor X and Magneto, Zorro.

When an author puts pen to paper or fingers to keys, everybody, from their own acquaintances to the public figures we all recognize, has the potential to be reborn within a fictional universe. Would you believe that the world’s most famous detective wouldn’t exist without a humble Scottish doctor you’ve never heard of? Or that two of the most famous foes in all of comics were based on a pair of history’s most revered civil rights activists? Throw in some terrifying serial killers and a dashing vigilante, and you get five famous fictional characters and their equally fascinating real-life inspirations…

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The Five Biggest Killing Fields in America

Killing Fields

Image Source: Flickr

What makes an area the perfect place to dispose of a body? According to law enforcement officials, the qualifications are simple: A mix of hot, humid climate and hungry wildlife to ensure the quick destruction of evidence, and a location remote enough to prevent unwitting visitors from stumbling across a body, but not impossible for the perpetrator to reach in the dead of night. Does that sound like somewhere you know? Then you may live next to one of America’s infamous killing fields.

The bane of police departments around the country, these so-called “killing fields” make it next to impossible for detectives to gather enough evidence to catch the murderers. Favored by serial killers, gangsters and savvy locals, some are home to bodies numbering in the triple digits.

With tonight’s premiere of Discovery Channel’s new show, Killing Fields, investigating a series of grisly discoveries in the swamps of Bayou Manchec, LA, we’re taking a look at the worst such dumping grounds in the country. As compiled by the show’s executive producer, Joseph Schneier, here are the five biggest killing fields in America…that we know of so far:

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Photo Of The Day: The Gun Company That Won The West

The Colt Walker .44 caliber was contracted by the U.S. military and helped launch one of today's largest gun manufacturers

The Colt Walker .44 caliber was contracted by the U.S. military and helped launch one of today’s largest gun manufacturers. Image Source: Flickr

“Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

On Jan. 4, 1847, Samuel Colt rescued his flailing gun company with a U.S. government contract. The government’s purchase of 1,000 Colt Walker Revolvers for use in the Mexican-American War signaled a change in the availability (and scalability) of handguns and, as is clear to this day, the face of America.

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