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Never-before-seen outtakes from the photo shoots for your favorite rock album covers, the surprising beauty of the bugs in your backyard, Spike Lee’s dance party to celebrate Prince, Earth’s most impressive caves, the best one-of-a-kind historical curiosities.

Famous Album Covers

David Bowie circa Heroes, 1977. Photo: Masayoshi Sukita/The Guardian

Never-Before-Seen Outtake Photos Behind Famous Rock Stars’ Album Covers

Famous Album Covers 2

The B-52s circa 1979. Photo: George DuBose/The Guardian

Every David Bowie fan recognizes the cover of his Heroes album. But how many have actually seen the other photographs that were taken on the same roll of film?

A new book, Outside The Lines: Lost Photographs Of Punk and New Wave’s Most Iconic Albums, compiles behind-the-scenes shots, outtakes, interviews, and firsthand accounts from photographers who captured some of the most legendary images during the cover shoots of some of the most famous rock LPs in music history!

View more images at The Guardian.

Famous Album Covers 3

Blondie circa 1978. Photo: Martyn Goddard/The Guardian

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New Study: Why Poop Transplants Might Be The Most Exciting Recent Development In Medicine

Poop Transplant Vials

Poop transplant vials ready to be administered. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Can a poop transplant save your life? A new study says yes.

The study — conducted by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and published in Science — suggests that the transplant, or when doctors take microbes from the fecal matter of a healthy donor and insert them into the body of the recipient patient, may have some vital new uses, including treatment for metabolic syndrome (more on that below).

But before examining the new research, the basic questions about the procedure practically ask themselves: What do they transplant, why do they transplant it, and — most cringingly — how do they transplant it?

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