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What We Love This Week, Volume CXXXI

Jupiter Closeup Swirling Clouds

Jupiter’s high-altitude photographed from a distance of 1.4 million miles on February 28, 2007. Source: The Atlantic

Before Pluto: The Other Awe-Inspiring New Horizons Photos

Jupiter Moons Shadows

Two of Jupiter’s largest moons, the volcanic Io (left) and the icy Ganymede (right), photographed from a distance of 42.5 million miles on January 17, 2007. Source: The Atlantic

While you’ve definitely seen the new Pluto photos and you probably know that those photos are the fruit of the New Horizons’ nearly ten-year journey, you may not realize all that happened along the way. It zipped past our moon (within nine hours of launch), flew close by a 1.6-mile wide asteroid (that just happened to be in its path), and crossed the orbit of every planet between here and Pluto.

Chief among those planetary confrontations was Jupiter, which New Horizons photographed from late 2006 to mid-2007. And perhaps it’s just that Jupiter is our solar system’s largest planet or that it’s orbited by dozens of moons (one of the largest of which has over 400 volcanoes) or that it’s shrouded in swirling clouds, but these photos might just be the most stunning ones that New Horizons captured. For more under-the-radar images from the New Horizons mission, visit The Atlantic.

Jupiter Moons Io Europa

A 190-mile high volcanic plume erupts from Io (right, with two smaller volcanic plumes also visible), alongside Europa (left), another of Jupiter’s largest moons, both photographed from a distance of about 2.5 million miles on March 2, 2007. Source: The Atlantic

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Your Favorite Films And TV Shows Before CGI

CGI Hearts

Source: Pinterest

We go to the movies to escape from reality, and CGI not only enhances that escape but creates new realities into which we as viewers may enter.

While CGI–or computer graphic imagery–might seem ubiquitous today, its reality-producing capacities represent the evolution of thinking decades in the making. The first major motion picture to utilize CGI, Westworld, premiered in 1978.

And though we’ve come a long way since the days of coarse pixel matrices, it’s still fun to look behind the silver screen and into the realities that exist before CGI gets its hands on them. Below, some of your favorite films before CGI has been added:

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The Dark Knight

CGI The Dark Knight



The Avengers

CGI The Avengers

Captain America

CGI America

The Avengers

CGI Avengers

Scaling the Wall, Game of Thrones

CGI Wall

Ygritte, Game of Thrones

CGI Wildling

Life of Pi

CGI Boat

District Nine

CGI Nine

Arya, Game of Thrones

CGI Arya

Daenerys, Game of Thrones

CGI Dany


CGI Avatar


CGI Twiglight

Alice in Wonderland

CGI Alice

Alice in Wonderland

CGI Wonderland

Grey's Anatomy

CGI Free Greys

The Hulk

CGI Free Hulk


CGI Free Ted


CGI Free Twilight

John Carter

CGI John Carter

Kick Ass

CGI Kick Ass

Les Miserables

CGI Free Les Mis


CGI Free 2012

The Adjustment Bureau

CGI Free Adjustment Bureau

Pirates of the Caribbean

CGI Free Pirates

Resident Evil

CGI Free Res Evil

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Engineering Success: The Story Of South Korea’s K-Pop

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Source: Giphy

In case you had forgotten about Gangnam Style, allow us to remind you of it. The song went viral in the United States in 2012, but in truth Psy’s tune was just one of many carefully engineered Korean Pop — or K-pop — mega hits.

Not unlike pop music in the West, K-pop has an aesthetic, a formula and a flavor. The difference is that in South Korea, almost all of these young music moguls are managed by the same label–and from a very early age. As with the country’s design standards for other exports, even their pop music demands perfection.

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