The World’s Extreme Climates And The People Who Live There

Every human being who has ever lived was born on Earth. With the exception of a few professional space travelers, no member of our species has ever traveled farther than a few dozen miles from its surface. Every person you’ve ever known or read about has lived here, inside a thin layer sandwiched between the hot lower layers of the crust and the frigid upper atmosphere. Just about all of the life known or suspected to exist in the universe evolved in this tiny pocket, and virtually none of it will ever leave. Pity it’s such a dump.

It’s not all bad, of course—especially when it’s compared to some of the planets out there, like Venus—but there’s no denying how badly adapted humans are to live in almost every environment on Earth. It’s so rough that we’ve had to invent technology to shelter ourselves from nature in almost every place we live, lest we immediately die of exposure. With that in mind, it might be fun to have a look at some of the most extreme permanently inhabited places in the world, though no amount of space is adequate to explain why people have chosen to inhabit them.

The Hottest Human-Occupied Place In The World: Mecca

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NASA Can Email Objects To Space

International Space Station commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench. Normally NASA would send one up on the next mission to the International Space Station. It would arrive eventually, but that would have left Wilmore waiting for months. Instead, NASA “emailed” one to Wilmore and he printed it out right there on the ISS.

NASA emailed a wrench to space

Commander Barry Wilmore with his 3D printed wrench. Source: Wired

Commander Wilmore’s wrench wasn’t the first object 3D printed in space, but it was the first object to be designed on Earth and then transmitted into space for manufacture. California company Made In Space designed the 3D printer Wilmore used as well as the ratcheting socket wrench that made history.

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Gentrification As Explained By Birds

Real life is never as beautiful as art, and that adage remains to be the case in animator Alberto Mielgo‘s latest short, entitled “Gentrifcation”. Watch as birds breathe new life into a city, and what said life brings with it.

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